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Girl finds shark on the beach, and then yeets it back into the ocean | love going walks at night, especially there's clear sky, so age sixteen, would go few miles up beach around midnight most nights. One night, while still about mile our house saw something rolling surf s either plastic bag caught on log thought Or four foot shark jogged over not plastic bag caught on log shark moving and didn't appear be hurt, but caught water only an inch or so deep, being pushed higher with every wave by

Girl Discovers Shark On Beach, Throws It Back Into Ocean

There should be an animated short for this.
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Really? Because That's Not What Your Tags Say

attention tumblr ugly - 6451022336

Step Up Your Game, Science

science phones tumblr true facts - 8176256768
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Training Your Dogs, According to Tumblr

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The Quickest Way to Travel Internationally

geography map tumblr failbook g rated - 8266451200
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invigorating sassy tumblr posts | official-estonia If having bad day, remember 16th century Baltic Germans dressed like this: illustration of people dressed in pastel colored robes that cover them completely. officialunitedstates wife is pregnant, due any day suddenly contractions start "CAN'T, WON'T HAVEN'T, DON'T, ISN'T" she says mememic-bry "doc appears contractions are worsening nurse says between breaths wife gasps and screeches Y'ALL'D'VE"

17 Invigorating Tumblr Posts That'll Just Speak To You

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Tumblr Feeds Make Their Own Gold, Sometimes

coincidence juxtaposition tumblr - 8234526720
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A Look Inside Your Own Friendship

tumblr advice texting failbook g rated - 8427724032
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In Case You Missed it: The President of the United States Sat Down With the Founder of Tumblr for a Live Q+A Session

news tumblr barack obama Video - 8219410176
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Death, Revenge, and Tumblr

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They Say You Can Still Feel the Heat From This Burn to This Day

burn flirting tumblr - 8259768576
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Admit it, You Can't Spell His Name Either

matthew mcconaughey tumblr celeb - 8433712128
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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | jncoes there r real teens out there who think discovering nirvana is special achievement shewhositsupontheethroneovnibiru isnt kinda whole point buddhism danny-lohner This post is slowly killing 354,225 notes

Entertaining Tumblr Posts For When You Have Time To Kill

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Deep Thoughts. Think About it.

tumblr wrong true facts - 8300043008
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The Hot New Game Show That's Sweeping the Nation

diving failbook olympics pr0n tumblr - 6471012096
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College in a Crying, Drunk Nutshell

school feels tumblr college - 8398774784
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