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This Just in: Nobody Cares About Your Opinion!

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I Blink for 182 Milliseconds and THIS Happens!

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John Lemon

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The Mantra of Tumblr, and Maybe the Rest of the Internet too

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Brothers: Not All They're Cracked Up to Be

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funny random memes, dank memes, stupid memes, tumblr posts | Urbanhymnal @urbanhymnal Who knew most taxing part being an adult is trying figure out fuck have dinner every goddamn night until die 5:47 PM 2019-08-14 Twitter iPhone feel this my SOUL. gingersnapwolves Every fucking week s time go grocery shopping my wife and are like should cook this week" and immediately forget every food have ever enjoyed. | Two male characters who hate each other make eye contact entire fanbase diagnose with gay

Forty Memes And Tweets Because Why Not

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You Just Don't UNDERSTAND My Bowel Movements, MOM

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From Russia With Memes

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Yard Work Avoided, Mission Successful!

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Book Recommendation

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Tumblr Thread on Patrol Ghost Ship Submarines | pipistrellus STILL ON PATROL learned something new and horrifying today which is no submarine is ever considered "lost there is apparently tradition U.S. Navy no submarine is ever lost. Those go sea and do not return are considered be "still on patrol There is monument about this along canal near here its worst thing have ever seen says "STILL ON PATROL huge letters and then goes on specify exactly many WWII submarine ghosts are STILL OUT THERE

Tumblr Thread: The Still On-Patrol Submarines

Yeah, that's wild.
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Training Your Dogs, According to Tumblr

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That's the Look of 10,000 Notes on Tumblr

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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | jncoes there r real teens out there who think discovering nirvana is special achievement shewhositsupontheethroneovnibiru isnt kinda whole point buddhism danny-lohner This post is slowly killing 354,225 notes

Entertaining Tumblr Posts For When You Have Time To Kill

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Cannot Unsee

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Curse You, Past Self!

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