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Sex 101

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Flipper Never Had Days Like These

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Robin's Ready to Run the Jewels

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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned 2020 america usa | couldnt-think funny-name got lot beef with concept dust. absolutely no reason something get dirty just because nothing has touched bullshit

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Then They Both Went Home and Blogged About Their Day on Tumblr

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Never Count Out Tumblr for a Good Pun

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The Magical Disappearing Butt-Scope

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Wholesome helpful neighbor Tumblr story | keuhkopussirotta first doing laundry my new home building spontaneously threw shirt wearing there as well because frankly only do laundry l've run out clean clothes and shirt last had sitting there, shirtless, studying washing machine person whose laundry had been here last came retrieve his own. Casually, trying act like my shirtlessness nothing out ordinary asked him if clothes drying up on line were his. He confused, and realised he not fluent

Tumblr Story: Wholesome Neighbor Is Helpful for No Reason

See, people can be nice to each other.
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A funny quick Tumblr thread about things that people will see on a road trip across America | things will see on road trip across america -so much desert will get scared seriously california new mexico is terrifying like 's eight straight hours pale red desert and sky is so large everything, even car, even hands, looks like tenuously small and fragile diorama placed on an endless pale red table and left there dissolve.

Quick Tumblr Post On Great American Road Trip

Don't forget those highway overpasses.
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No, That's Your Hand

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Does This Dating Mantra Hit a Little too Close to Home?

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Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold, With Cherries on Top

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Funny tumblr posts | paper-mario-wiki u ever think about ur skeleton is always wet cockyhorror wish never had but thanks ruining my life httpdemonics don 't worry! there will come time s not cockyhorror Thanks! Even worse | yungterra Egg Recipe Difficulty: egg Time: egg Ingredients: egg eight whole egg Step one: put eight egg on plate Step two: look at all those egg Step three: congratuleggtion

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Canada: America's Quiet, Cooler Sibling

Text - the-random-thought-caravan: apocalypse-aradia glorious-randomness: anderlynn I always think of Canada as the lovechild of England and France after they had a drunken one night stand and England just left it to grow up with its big brother America who was like the rebel of the family this is 100% definitely what happened. and canada wanted to be exactly like america but ended up being the nicer one who makes friends with everyone easily trudat 194,248 notes
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The Dangers of Talking About Virtual Families

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