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Food for Thought Throughout the Generations

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That Poor Cat Just Hates Studying

school tumblr Cats failbook g rated - 8408767232
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Butter it Up!

comments tumblr design toast failbook g rated - 8277698304
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A quick and funny Tumblr thread about a stupid Google question spiraling out of control | hedgehog-moss Follow started with asking an innocent question Google can tan front fireplace? Q Tous Images O Shopping O Vidéos answers were unanimously "no" but explanations were bit puzzling sun is not ball fire is ball hot stuff, but 's not like there's large pile wood at center flame

Ridiculous Google Question Spirals Out Of Control

Quick and dumb and hilarious.
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Who's Your Daddy?

tumblr what parenting sexy times - 8243482624
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Tumblr Thread on Patrol Ghost Ship Submarines | pipistrellus STILL ON PATROL learned something new and horrifying today which is no submarine is ever considered "lost there is apparently tradition U.S. Navy no submarine is ever lost. Those go sea and do not return are considered be "still on patrol There is monument about this along canal near here its worst thing have ever seen says "STILL ON PATROL huge letters and then goes on specify exactly many WWII submarine ghosts are STILL OUT THERE

Tumblr Thread: The Still On-Patrol Submarines

Yeah, that's wild.
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Wholesome helpful neighbor Tumblr story | keuhkopussirotta first doing laundry my new home building spontaneously threw shirt wearing there as well because frankly only do laundry l've run out clean clothes and shirt last had sitting there, shirtless, studying washing machine person whose laundry had been here last came retrieve his own. Casually, trying act like my shirtlessness nothing out ordinary asked him if clothes drying up on line were his. He confused, and realised he not fluent

Tumblr Story: Wholesome Neighbor Is Helpful for No Reason

See, people can be nice to each other.
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top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | -blackfoot-contessa Follow Watching commercials first time while, andI am laughing at little 'filmed before covid' disclaimers at bottom ones showing parties and bars and social gatherings garbage-empress Follow [scene at social gathering do not attempt 2,257 notes

Top Ten Tumblr Posts Of The Day (August 4, 2020)

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The Audacity of This Post Made My Monocle Pop Out

tumblr First World Problems vending machine - 8056295424
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tumblr april fools Video - 59734785

Tumblr Announces Tumblr Pro on a Day That is Definitely Not Known for False Announcements

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I'll Host(ess) That Snack Cake Any Time

tumblr dude parts accidental sexy juxtaposition - 8385599232
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Some People Pick Up on the Puns Quicker Than Others

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They're Trapped in a Tumblr Vortex!

tumblr what - 8251352320
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Then They Both Went Home and Blogged About Their Day on Tumblr

creepy dating train tumblr - 6346210048
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A funny quick Tumblr thread about things that people will see on a road trip across America | things will see on road trip across america -so much desert will get scared seriously california new mexico is terrifying like 's eight straight hours pale red desert and sky is so large everything, even car, even hands, looks like tenuously small and fragile diorama placed on an endless pale red table and left there dissolve.

Quick Tumblr Post On Great American Road Trip

Don't forget those highway overpasses.
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Watson Does Not Approve

tumblr juxtaposition coincidence - 8176057088
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