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"So Uh... About the Grays..."

tumblr Awkward president failbook - 8309242368
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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | think 's universal truth everyone our generation takes pluto's losing its planetary status as personal offense yes pluto is smaller than russia. why did ever even consider planet? BECAUSE 'S PART OUR SOLAR SYSTEM OHANA MEANS FAMILY OHANA MEANS NO ONE IS LEFT HIND

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Way to be "Profound," Jerkhole

burn graffiti tumblr failbook - 8172239360
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Too Much TV Makes us Zombies

g rated television tumblr The Walking Dead zombie - 6026021120
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Canada: America's Quiet, Cooler Sibling

Text - the-random-thought-caravan: apocalypse-aradia glorious-randomness: anderlynn I always think of Canada as the lovechild of England and France after they had a drunken one night stand and England just left it to grow up with its big brother America who was like the rebel of the family this is 100% definitely what happened. and canada wanted to be exactly like america but ended up being the nicer one who makes friends with everyone easily trudat 194,248 notes
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When You Want to Get Extra Kinky, Try K'nex

advice dating legos sex sex toys toys tumblr NSFW - 6381734912
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A collection of funny moments from the minds of people on Tumblr | xtraterrestrials my personal curse is knowledge function best with rigid structure and strict routine but am almost totally incapable independently establishing or maintaining structure and routine curlyfrywho Don't forget this special feature: at same time hating people tell do | cherenigans: do think whoever designing default netflix avatar made mistake somewhere but just sat there laughing at result so long whole design team

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Netflix did pull a weird move with those avatars.
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top ten 10 tumblr posts daily | lesbwian Follow ruining planet sorry who is this don't recall myself running billion dollar oil business hardleywhelmed Follow Sometimes use keurig and feel bad but then remember Just 100 companies responsible 71 global emissions

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Really? Because That's Not What Your Tags Say

attention tumblr ugly - 6451022336
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A quick Tumblr post on common misconceptions when caring for monsters | headspace-hotel Follow Common misconceptions surrounding care monsters Contrary popular belief is NOT normal Cerberus's heads fight with one another; this indicates anxiety or lack proper enrichment. Giant spiders are actually very social creatures, and should not be housed alone. Provide Sphinx with enrichment by answering its riddles. Though Sphinxes can be trained attack those who answer incorrectly, they actually

Quick Tumblr Post On Caring For Monsters

This should be a video game.
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No, That's Your Hand

body facebook google tumblr youtube - 6323033344
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We All Have This Reaction Around Babies

baby tumblr reaction classical failbook g rated - 8432897280
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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | floverload 's dumb stress makes hair fall out slowly should reach certain level stress and should all fall off at once heap floverload waiter: enjoy meal too *becomes instantly bald*

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Funny tumblr story of an elevator Karen is mean to a kid on the elevator, so the kid pretends to be blind | captainthaddiusflorencefrancis inventivefraud Follow gale nomads Follow Did ever tell guys met Karen on cruise 13, got yelled at by her and before proceeded make her regret her life choices span 3 minutes on an elevator? gale nomads Follow Okay so this 11 years ago 13 and on cruise my Cousin's quinceanera (Royal Caribbean gave discounts those)

Elevator Karen Spits Verbal Venom At Kid, Kid Pretends To Be Blind

Karen didn't know what to do.
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