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They Always Show Up Early to the Scene

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Your Seafood Pasta Came With a Special Friend!

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Dad is Santa's Number One Helper

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Power(Point) Through These Puns

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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | chefpyro dinosaurs probably wouldnt be half as popular if they still existed cause they'd just be animals and wouldn't be as mysterious like. rhinos are right there. they're super cool concept but they're right there and nobody cares rikmach care about Rhinos. chefpyro

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The Easy Way to Get Your Real-Life RPG Upgrades

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"I'm Doing it for the Reblogs, MOM"

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Kids These Days Just Don't GET Word Play Like This

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funny tumblr posts blog blogging reblog entertaining and interesting relatable jokes inspirational weird humor today i learned | think 's universal truth everyone our generation takes pluto's losing its planetary status as personal offense yes pluto is smaller than russia. why did ever even consider planet? BECAUSE 'S PART OUR SOLAR SYSTEM OHANA MEANS FAMILY OHANA MEANS NO ONE IS LEFT HIND

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Tumblr users put person in check after they complain about Japanese culture being misrepresented | madmints: takesabeating: cheshireinthemiddle: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: spoopy-roxxi: ginzers: Teach children this is not ok Teach children there's nothing wrong with this really not understanding why think cultural appropriation would be ok, unless are assuming girl picture is part Japanese.

Tumblr Thread: The Value Of Cultural Sharing

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My Holes Are Only for You

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Food for Thought Throughout the Generations

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They're Lucky She Didn't Do the Same With The Tip

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First World Whining

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A Quick Lesson in Burn

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Adorably Great Chinchilla Facts From Tumblr

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