Funny screenshots of people that threw themselves into terribly embarrassing situations - cover image someone in the wrong gender bathroom.

41 People That Threw Themselves Into Horribly Embarrassing Situations

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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Reviews PetSmart Sarah L O 07 00 12/27/15 My husband and have shopped here consistently years, but will use different location now on. They will literally lock doors right face if show up 2 minutes after closing.

Entitled People and Their Comical Demands

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A funny Tumblr thread about fruits being named after colors | weaver-z Follow Ænzo @dolphin_dom Fun fact: blueberries are only fruit named after color rinasawayana dolphin_dom star fruit?

Tumblr Thread On Fruits And Colors Spirals Out Of Control

Oh no, say it ain't so.
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Idiots, Idiots As Far as the Eye Can See

dumb gay homophobia stupid - 6159235584
Created by Fist-O
funny technically accurate moments | PUSH means push. means pull. The Office Jim Halpert presentation | Gandalf movies: Gandalf Lotr actor books: Gandalf written text

Not-Incorrect Moments of Technical Accuracy

Yeah, that makes sense.
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Something "D"

stupid technology - 4579633920

Stupid Ruth

facepalm numbers stupid - 4875190016
Created by leeofbacup

Just a Regular Day at the Office

coworkers Office stupid work - 6182893568
Created by Unknown

Storms Be Moving Backward!

weather storms stupid - 7804727296
Created by ChicagoTransAm
Mom posts picture of herself using a bong while breastfeeding to Facebook, and the comments are way too positive about her behavior.

Mom Posts Twisted Breastfeeding Picture to Facebook Using Her New Bong, Experiences Warranted Backlash

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10 + 10 x 0 = ?

A Failbook Guide to Trolling facepalm Featured Fail math stupid trolling - 4803410688

It Sure Is

your youre-vs-your stupid youre - 6872436736

Just Stay Away From the Bleach

Chemistry stupid The Spelling Wizard your friends are laughing at you - 4398939648
Funny times James Fridman trolled people's photoshop requests | James Fridman Kelsey Hil! Can remove pole front Sure. couple at wedding and collapsed tent

Choice Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

They got more than they bargained for.
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We Don't Knead Them

facepalm spelling stupid - 5222902784
Created by Unknown


facepalm stairs stupid - 4394999296

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