Idiot goes on rant about being a party animal and gets rightfully called out.

Idiot Gets Hilariously Called Out After Going on Stupid Rant About Being a Party Animal

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Math: Only for the Smart

math stupid technology you asked - 4512890624
facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

19 Head Shakingly Ridiculous Moments of Pure Facepalm

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tweets of things people wrote down in the night

Twitter Explores the Stupid and Nonsensical Things We've Written down in the Middle of the Night

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I'm Surprised They Can Even Tell Time

fail at life stupid - 4539066368
Created by mysoulishome

The Chicken IS the Egg

chicken egg facepalm stupid - 4674953472

Sinus Trouble

facepalm really stupid - 4560798464
Created by missed

Please Back Away from the Computer

facepalm stupid technology - 4541723648


deaf, blind, yahoo answers, questions, confused
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busted facepalm stupid - 4418893824
Created by BHK

The Search for Intelligent Life Goes On

Text - Lysett O.O!! Wtf Pluto not a planet no more?! :O when this happen? Lol feel slow, and im in college. O.o? 35 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile Like Comment Jessical I like this and Rebeca Esa what is it then? a star? Rene 33 minutes ago Like 1 person Idk what it is, but it's not a planet anymore.. Its Lysett just a round thing floating there lol 31 minutes ago Like Rebeca its a moon dumbyz! 23 minutes ago Like 1person we got two moons? 22 minutes ago Like 1person Rene Maximus Smh 21 minutes
Created by La Onda
Funny loophole story of dry ice robotics competition | is funniest loophole have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute Technology school, they held robotics competition pretty simple, conceptually had make firefighting robot would have navigate maze, find candle and put out (fully automated, no remote control can't remember exact size but think robot had be smaller than 1 foot length, width, and height. Scoring as follows start with time long takes search every room and put

Dry Ice Loophole Makes Mockery of Robotics Competition

It's not a robot, but it technically meets the criteria.
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Mirrors: How Do They Work?

image stupid - 4586419712

Game, Set, and Match

idiot stupid typo volleyball words - 6301194240
Created by BayronDotOrg

5. You're an Idiot :D <3

facepalm stupid summer - 4727458048

I'm Not Entirely Convinced She Can Count Forward

facepalm stupid your friends are laughing at you - 4669012480

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