10% of the Time, It's Everyone

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Idiots that got destroyed on Facebook for sharing stupid tattoos.

48 Idiots That Were Destroyed On Facebook For Getting Stupid Tattoos

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Stupid Corrie

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A funny Tumblr thread about fruits being named after colors | weaver-z Follow Ænzo @dolphin_dom Fun fact: blueberries are only fruit named after color rinasawayana dolphin_dom star fruit?

Tumblr Thread On Fruits And Colors Spirals Out Of Control

Oh no, say it ain't so.
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The Chicken IS the Egg

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Guy brings spirit level on plane to prove that the earth is flat during his flight.

Dude Takes Spirit Level On Plane Attempting to Prove Earth Is Flat

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Correlation/Causation FAIL

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Created by Gregslover

I'm Not Entirely Convinced She Can Count Forward

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Big Brother Paranoia FAIL

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Storms Be Moving Backward!

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Created by ChicagoTransAm

Don't Forget to Convert to Metric!

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Culturally Challenged

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It Sure Is

your youre-vs-your stupid youre - 6872436736

Look Out, Ansel Adams!

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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands. | Hi want get my lashes done with but just wanted say first don't want talk during appointment due fact clearly do not like as person just like work and work only need an appointment tomorrow morning put down 10 AM | ate here first time tonight brisket probably best ever had but found an entire LEAF my baked beans cannot make this up So glad enjoyed brisket guessing never seen bay leaves food before? If see them future can rest assured is sign

Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

It never stops.
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Idiot goes on rant about being a party animal and gets rightfully called out.

Idiot Gets Hilariously Called Out After Going on Stupid Rant About Being a Party Animal

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