She's Technically Retarded

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Now You Tell Me, Captain Hindsight

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Which Planet Are You From?

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Big Brother Paranoia FAIL

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Okie Idiot

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Fluffy Earphones

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Health site makes status on Facebook about coconut oil curing Alzheimer's and gets properly called out on Facebook.

Crazy Health Site Claims Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimer's, Gets Promptly Called Out on Facebook

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The Chicken IS the Egg

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popular sayings that are wrong | Timmibal More Customer is Always Right Because half s missing full truism is Customer is Always Right matters taste Guy wants pint half baileys, half orange juice? He's paying. Lady wants wear raw turkey as hat do love doesn't mean is Kyle and Karen get free reign treat people like shit because they happen be handing over money at some stage interaction.

Popular Sayings That Are Kinda BS

Sometimes a saying is just a saying.
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Video of Idiot Using Shark to Shotgun Beer Ignites Twitter Rage War

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Guy brings spirit level on plane to prove that the earth is flat during his flight.

Dude Takes Spirit Level On Plane Attempting to Prove Earth Is Flat

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Presented Without Comment

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Just Stay Away From the Bleach

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