Smoke Detector FAIL

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10% of the Time, It's Everyone

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Not Very Bright

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Sinus Trouble

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Don't Forget to Convert to Metric!

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Heart FAILure

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First Names

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Mom posts picture of herself using a bong while breastfeeding to Facebook, and the comments are way too positive about her behavior.

Mom Posts Twisted Breastfeeding Picture to Facebook Using Her New Bong, Experiences Warranted Backlash

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Funny dumb facepalm moments | And on bus on bus and this guy is so fine but he has an iPhone 6

Facepalm Moments of Mystifying Dumbness

Self-awareness isn't everyone's strong suit.
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Just a Regular Day at the Office

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Created by layzzz

Dumb in Any Language

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The Chicken IS the Egg

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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands. | Hi want get my lashes done with but just wanted say first don't want talk during appointment due fact clearly do not like as person just like work and work only need an appointment tomorrow morning put down 10 AM | ate here first time tonight brisket probably best ever had but found an entire LEAF my baked beans cannot make this up So glad enjoyed brisket guessing never seen bay leaves food before? If see them future can rest assured is sign

Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

It never stops.
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10 + 10 x 0 = ?

A Failbook Guide to Trolling facepalm Featured Fail math stupid trolling - 4803410688
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That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There

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