Just a Regular Day at the Office

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He Who Laughs Last

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Clueless girl has no idea what a strikeout sign is, and proceeds to get roasted on Twitter.

Clueless Girl Thinks Braves Strikeout Signs Are Racist, Gets Brutally Roasted On Twitter

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I'm Surprised They Can Even Tell Time

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Stop. Just... Stop.

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<strike>Sam</strike> Some People

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Senile Already?

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Catch Me If You Can FAIL

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Funny tumblr moments | pteapotdactyl weareallfromearth Follow getlitaesthetic Follow Today 10:12 want 6 pet sloths so can name them after every sin except sloth Today my wife texted this, and then immediately called make sure got because an urgent message Source

Random Funny Tumblr Gems to Fill Those Pockets

Oh, that hits the spot.
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Anti-Drug FAIL

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Please Back Away from the Computer

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So Dumb of You

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Ten more times people set themselves up to be destroyed on social media - cover graphic of Frankie Muniz responding to a tweet about his acting.

10 More Times People Got Incinerated For Their Social Media Stupidity

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15 Frustrating Times Jokes Went WAY over People's Heads

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