Basic Vocabulary FAIL

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By pksniper

We Don't Knead Them

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By Courtney


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By Unknown

So Dumb of You

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By Darkst
Idiots that don't understand the female anatomy at all.

10 Discouraging Idiots That Have No Grasp of Female Anatomy

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The "C" Stands for "Credit"

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By Unknown

Senile Already?

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Thanks for the Constructive Criticism

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By Unluck
Entitled people and their absurd demands | Car vent phone mount Marketplace $5 Car vent phone mount Mark as Sold More Options Ahmad changed group photo. Is this still available? Yes 5:44 PM bucks No thanks 3 not into bargaining, sorry Ok know Amazon brand new is 4,50. Great. Go buy there. Haha ok, sorryI just kidding. Aa

Frustratingly Entitled People and Their Demanding Behavior

People have a hard time seeing how ridiculous they're being.
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Clueless girl has no idea what a strikeout sign is, and proceeds to get roasted on Twitter.

Clueless Girl Thinks Braves Strikeout Signs Are Racist, Gets Brutally Roasted On Twitter

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incompetent boss orders employee to work scheduled hours and messes everything up | Posted by u/dorky_dad77 told had an 8 1/2 hour shift and not leave early, so started working only 8 1/2 hours. oc M work as supervisor at manufacturing plant, and hired an 8 hour shift as night time supervisor. As soon as started, they changed, and said they really considered shift be 11 pm 730, so they would need be 8 1/2 hours salaried, there wasn't much could do, and wasn't

Employee Derails Incompetent Boss By Working Scheduled Hours

That's on you, boss.
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funny mad lads who broke small rules and did tricky shenanigans | rev. dylan @DylanRoss my 11 year ban yahoo chess expires today Rnnme Dlavare Nnline Fallure Connect EDIT have failed connect following reason have been barred logging into this room until Thu Dec 31 23:59:59 PST 2020. oms rom this lis OK Giraffe Field

Mad Lads Who Didn't Let The World Get In Their Way

Sometimes you've gotta risk it all.
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By Unknown

Correlation/Causation FAIL

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By Unknown

Six of One, Half-Dozen of the Other

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By Unknown

Affensive Spelling

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By Freejahaja(eliza)