You Can Count Your on Your Hands

IQ stupid your friends are laughing at you - 5655031552
Created by Ollie

She's Technically Retarded

facepalm stupid tech support technology - 4485340416
Created by Unknown

Religious Hypocrisy

bible facepalm religion stupid tattoos - 4476403712
Created by Unknown

Smooth Move

oops ouch status update stupid - 4437626368
Created by Unknown

5. You're an Idiot :D <3

facepalm stupid summer - 4727458048
Created by Unknown

<strike>Sam</strike> Some People

status updates stupid - 4751492096
Created by Unknown

Yeah, It's the Test's Fault...

facepalm school spelling stupid teachers - 4634516736
Created by subjectiveobserver

China = Japan

chinese japanese stupid - 4531585792
Created by manda

That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There

funny fail tweets Winslow's seen enough meme
Via indirectMW

What If YOU'RE Boring and Pointless and Stupid?

boring complaining stupid whining - 6342631424
Created by SarcasticNarwhale


puns stupid witty reply - 4492858624
Created by Unknown

I WILL Go Right Ahead

facepalm stupid - 4921451520
Created by Unknown

Austrian Vacation

australia austria facepalm stupid - 4538725376
Created by mewhoyoutoo


facepalm SOPA spelling stupid - 5714712320
Created by Unknown

Pilot Episode

facepalm pilot really stupid TV - 5046173696
Via benzoidperoxide
facepalm moments that would make the strongest person cringe

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