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Entitled parent wants public artist to make piece for kid | not gonna pay just want my kid find will be organic l just need make sure put out sometime will be there and can run down and grab Unfortunately defeats purpose project, which is providing random art unsuspecting individuals find do place clues as soon as pictures are claimed can also donate one preferred charities and send receipt, and mail two and cover cost shipping and all. If like place one those out and lead child them can! My

Entitled Parent Demands Public Artist Make Art for Them

There are a few lapses in reasoning right here.
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So Dumb of You

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incompetent boss orders employee to work scheduled hours and messes everything up | Posted by u/dorky_dad77 told had an 8 1/2 hour shift and not leave early, so started working only 8 1/2 hours. oc M work as supervisor at manufacturing plant, and hired an 8 hour shift as night time supervisor. As soon as started, they changed, and said they really considered shift be 11 pm 730, so they would need be 8 1/2 hours salaried, there wasn't much could do, and wasn't

Employee Derails Incompetent Boss By Working Scheduled Hours

That's on you, boss.
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That Moment You Check Social Media and Realize How Much Stupid is There

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common idioms and sayings that are untrue | Smile-Fearless 2 days ago edited 1 day ago 4 4 More "If don't succeed first time, try try again had fourth grade teacher COMPLETELY against this saying. Her reasoning if doing wrong? Then just continue do wrong until give up out frustration. So, she preferred say "Keep trying different ways until get right".

Classic Sayings That Are Kind Of Wrong

Maybe we're due for an update.
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Video of Idiot Using Shark to Shotgun Beer Ignites Twitter Rage War

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Just a Regular Day at the Office

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Not Very Bright

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Math: Only for the Smart

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Funny tumblr moments | pteapotdactyl weareallfromearth Follow getlitaesthetic Follow Today 10:12 want 6 pet sloths so can name them after every sin except sloth Today my wife texted this, and then immediately called make sure got because an urgent message Source

Random Funny Tumblr Gems to Fill Those Pockets

Oh, that hits the spot.
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The Stupid... It Burns!

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We Don't Knead Them

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