China = Japan

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Company rep tries talking to deaf sister on phone | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/hoginlly Sorry have speak with account holder Another post on here reminded this story actually happened my sister call her Amanda few years ago, there big sporting event my family all wanted get together and watch decided all get together my sister's house watch She needed upgrade her TV package include more sports channels, which she able do online, on TV providers website.

Company Demands to Speak to Deaf Woman on the Phone

Awesome plan.
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The "C" Stands for "Credit"

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Blonde Voyage!

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It Might Already Be Too Late for Alyssa

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He Who Laughs Last

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Which Planet Are You From?

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Culturally Challenged

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The Year 3000

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Stop. Just... Stop.

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Peepol R So Stoopid

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Religious Hypocrisy

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Finding You FAIL

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Yeah, We Can Tell.

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