Which Planet Are You From?

earthquake Japan stupid - 4631068416
Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands. | Hi want get my lashes done with but just wanted say first don't want talk during appointment due fact clearly do not like as person just like work and work only need an appointment tomorrow morning put down 10 AM | ate here first time tonight brisket probably best ever had but found an entire LEAF my baked beans cannot make this up So glad enjoyed brisket guessing never seen bay leaves food before? If see them future can rest assured is sign

Entitled People With Their Childish Demands

It never stops.
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Funny loophole story of dry ice robotics competition | is funniest loophole have ever seen? Kevin Yue, studied at Massachusetts Institute Technology school, they held robotics competition pretty simple, conceptually had make firefighting robot would have navigate maze, find candle and put out (fully automated, no remote control can't remember exact size but think robot had be smaller than 1 foot length, width, and height. Scoring as follows start with time long takes search every room and put

Dry Ice Loophole Makes Mockery of Robotics Competition

It's not a robot, but it technically meets the criteria.
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school stupid technology - 4412035328
Funny times James Fridman trolled people's photoshop requests | James Fridman Kelsey Hil! Can remove pole front Sure. couple at wedding and collapsed tent

Choice Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

They got more than they bargained for.
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Funny person trolls scammer with absurd made-up neighbor drama until he gives up | Hello is neighbor with some car trouble can assist My neighbor am experiencing car trouble and left my wallet mistakingly at home Is this Jeff? Yes Oh should've said so can just grab wallet and bring am far away bring could send Apple Pay and will pay back shortly Absolutely, Jeff type neighbor would be if didn't help out. Right Thank just send amount 50 this number did change number though, Jeff just spoke

Frustrated Scammer Trolled with Made-Up Neighbor Drama, Gives Up

How do you gain this power?
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Loud Rain

facepalm stupid weather - 4509682944

Even the Guy Who Listens to Korn Thinks It's Stupid

dumb science stupid water - 6179916032
Created by Purpleistheorange


puns stupid witty reply - 4492858624

Heart FAILure

emoticons facepalm Featured Fail really stupid - 5327950080
Created by greg

She's Technically Retarded

facepalm stupid tech support technology - 4485340416

What If YOU'RE Boring and Pointless and Stupid?

boring complaining stupid whining - 6342631424
Created by SarcasticNarwhale


facepalm florida really spelling stupid - 5251749376
Created by Unknown

A FAIL in Any Language...

facepalm language really stupid - 5011965696
Created by Unknown
tweets of things people wrote down in the night

Twitter Explores the Stupid and Nonsensical Things We've Written down in the Middle of the Night

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I WILL Go Right Ahead

facepalm stupid - 4921451520
Created by Gabe
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