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Affensive Spelling

facepalm spelling stupid your friends are laughing at you - 5536823808
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incompetent boss orders employee to work scheduled hours and messes everything up | Posted by u/dorky_dad77 told had an 8 1/2 hour shift and not leave early, so started working only 8 1/2 hours. oc M work as supervisor at manufacturing plant, and hired an 8 hour shift as night time supervisor. As soon as started, they changed, and said they really considered shift be 11 pm 730, so they would need be 8 1/2 hours salaried, there wasn't much could do, and wasn't

Employee Derails Incompetent Boss By Working Scheduled Hours

That's on you, boss.
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funny dumb spelling fails | text messages yea am fine with earth and stuff but get confused w chrome zone thing whatever Chrome zone? Chromosome?

Spelling Fails That Mangled Words Up Nice

Who needs complete thoughts anyway?
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Collection of people that were displays of pure stupidity on social media.

28 Brainless Mouth-Breathing Idiots Who Need All the Help They Can Get

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How Dare They!

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Looting in Japan

China facepalm Japan looting stupid - 4554318080
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Internet Rant of the Day: Fugitive Lets Loose on his Facebook Most Wanted Photo

criminal facebook stupid rant - 7902498304
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funny madlads jokes and weird pranks | AA Home My kid being brat so de marshmallowed his lucky charms bag of plain cereal

Mad Lads Who Played By Their Own Rules

These lads are mad!
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funny bad advice and stupid tips | Ygrene @Ygrene trick doing crimes is wait until after 5pm all police have gone home day

Dubious Advice from Questionable Strangers

Can't be too sure about it.
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facepalm stupid technology - 4379322624
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Which Planet Are You From?

earthquake Japan stupid - 4631068416

The Year 3000

facepalm math stupid - 4534964224

Preston is an Idiot

facepalm relationship advice stupid technology - 5531229696
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