Just a Regular Day at the Office

coworkers Office stupid work - 6182893568
By layzzz

Preston is an Idiot

facepalm relationship advice stupid technology - 5531229696
By Unknown

Loud Rain

facepalm stupid weather - 4509682944
By Unknown
Funny screenshots of people that threw themselves into terribly embarrassing situations - cover image someone in the wrong gender bathroom.

41 People That Threw Themselves Into Horribly Embarrassing Situations

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The Stupid... It Burns!

elevator stupid - 7595274752
By pokemonguardianandbrony
funny madlads jokes and weird pranks | AA Home My kid being brat so de marshmallowed his lucky charms bag of plain cereal

Mad Lads Who Played By Their Own Rules

These lads are mad!
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Via acidcow
A collection of the dumbest things that people said in all seriousness. | AngryOrca1 There is no proof earth is round Reply

Dumbest Things People Have Said In All Seriousness

Oh, man, buckle up.
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15 Frustrating Times Jokes Went WAY over People's Heads

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Peepol R So Stoopid

spelling stupid - 5378092800
By Giggles

Big Brother Paranoia FAIL

conspiracy facepalm gps stupid - 4532501760
By Unknown

These Default Settings Are Getting Ridiculous!

facepalm lol status update stupid - 4489468416
By Grave_Master99
funny technically accurate moments | PUSH means push. means pull. The Office Jim Halpert presentation | Gandalf movies: Gandalf Lotr actor books: Gandalf written text

Not-Incorrect Moments of Technical Accuracy

Yeah, that makes sense.
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Austrian Vacation

australia austria facepalm stupid - 4538725376
By mewhoyoutoo

Anno Dumbini

Ad dates stupid - 5439978240
By Alex

Religious Hypocrisy

bible facepalm religion stupid tattoos - 4476403712
By Unknown
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