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Company rep tries talking to deaf sister on phone | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/hoginlly Sorry have speak with account holder Another post on here reminded this story actually happened my sister call her Amanda few years ago, there big sporting event my family all wanted get together and watch decided all get together my sister's house watch She needed upgrade her TV package include more sports channels, which she able do online, on TV providers website.

Company Demands to Speak to Deaf Woman on the Phone

Awesome plan.
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entitled people with ridiculous demands | Reviews PetSmart Sarah L O 07 00 12/27/15 My husband and have shopped here consistently years, but will use different location now on. They will literally lock doors right face if show up 2 minutes after closing.

Entitled People and Their Comical Demands

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caps lock proofreading stupid youre-just-asking-for-trouble - 3520239616
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Guess Who?

credit card facepalm identity theft image stupid - 4977392640
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Funny and stupid life pro tips | bad boy @badboychadhoy my credit score is low but 's because want protect myself identity theft. no one can take out mortgage my name if can't even take out mortgage my name.

Really Bad Life Pro Tips to Not Do

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The Search for Intelligent Life Goes On

Text - Lysett O.O!! Wtf Pluto not a planet no more?! :O when this happen? Lol feel slow, and im in college. O.o? 35 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile Like Comment Jessical I like this and Rebeca Esa what is it then? a star? Rene 33 minutes ago Like 1 person Idk what it is, but it's not a planet anymore.. Its Lysett just a round thing floating there lol 31 minutes ago Like Rebeca its a moon dumbyz! 23 minutes ago Like 1person we got two moons? 22 minutes ago Like 1person Rene Maximus Smh 21 minutes
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Heart FAILure

emoticons facepalm Featured Fail really stupid - 5327950080
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Internet Rant of the Day: Fugitive Lets Loose on his Facebook Most Wanted Photo

criminal facebook stupid rant - 7902498304
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It Sure Is

your youre-vs-your stupid youre - 6872436736
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Funny mistakes and failures | These are cafe syrups NOT Hand Sanitizer Thank | Exhibit why mount these on wall. shattered flat screen tv on the floor

Multi-Flavored Moments of Failure and Chaos

Every failure is an opportunity to learn, or something.
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China = Japan

chinese japanese stupid - 4531585792
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Health site makes status on Facebook about coconut oil curing Alzheimer's and gets properly called out on Facebook.

Crazy Health Site Claims Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimer's, Gets Promptly Called Out on Facebook

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deaf, blind, yahoo answers, questions, confused
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Bleach Blonde Moment

really stupid your friends are laughing at you - 4441262592
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Not All Students are Created Equal

college facepalm flag spice girls students stupid - 5177268224
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