"Series of Tubes" is No Longer the Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Said About the Internet, Thanks to Ted Cruz

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Top Tier Political Discourse, or Trolling?

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May the Breast Candidate Win

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I Can't Even Putin Up With This

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Hello and Welcome to Today's Edition of "Political Wish Fulfillment Theater"

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Miss Piggy Universe trump tweet

Trump Late-Night Tweeted About 'Miss Piggy Universe' and is Getting Ripped to Shreds For it

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The Solution is Always to Not Pay Taxes, Right?

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Nope, Just "Reading, Riting, 'Rithmatic"

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This 'Who to Follow' Recommendation is a Huuuuge Mistake

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Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat

Someone Needs to Clear Up Trump's Hat
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And You Know All About Failure

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Twitter's Suggestions Have a Sense of Humor too

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stephen king says donald trump is a lovecraftian monster

Stephen King Claims That Donald Trump Is Actually Cthulhu, but Even Cthulhu Wants Nothing to Do with Trump

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Politics Are Easy: Just Blame the President!

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"I'm Not Racist, I Just Really Love Burning Chicken"

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Someone Snapped a Pic of Pensive Joe Biden Over the Weekend, and the Internet Had a Ball With it

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