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Donald Trump Met up with Kanye West Today at Trump Tower, and the Reactions on Twitter Alone Made Our Day

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Well if ONE "Article" Says it, it Must be True

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53 Things Donald Trump Has Definitely Searched for on Google

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Obama Playing That Long Game

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I Was Dead Joking

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By Jazmin Aburto


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Godwin's Law in Action

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Bold Your Points Some More, I'm Not Clear What's Going On

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For the Record: Yes, People Believe This

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...Same Thing...

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Lisa Needs Legislation... DENTAL PLAN

Text - 42 mins If Homer Simpson were a democratic congressman from Springfield Ohio, he'd be Homer Simpson (D-OH).. Unlike Comment Share You and like this. That's... actually pretty awesome. Just now Like Write a comment...
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President Obama Read Mean Tweets About Himself and Still Managed to Get a Punch in Donald Trump

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Lizard People Are Among Us

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A Really Long, Drawn-Out Political Conversation? Facebook is the Perfect Place!

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Who Needs Reading?

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Right to Trial: Now Unavailable for People You Hate

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