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10 Tweets That Painfully Display America's Alarming Acceptance of 'the End of the World'

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More Completely Normal and Not At All Stupid Political Opinions From Facebook

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Now Hiring!

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Donald Trump's Response to Astronauts Telling Him They Purify Their Own Urine Was Pure Comedic Gold

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Hillary Clinton's Twitter Account Has Become One Giant Republican Roast

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Bryan Cranston Crashed SNL as Trump's Newest Cabinet Appointee, Walter White, and It's Too Perfect

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President Trump's Appearance With Easter Bunny's Getting Hilariously Roasted

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Look Out For Hillary Clinton's Cooking Blog to Launch ASAP

funny twitter image email aren't safe only the story section of recipe blogs are
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The Nelson Mandela Twitter Hall of Shame

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Who Needs Context When You Have Outrage?

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Let The Comment War Begin

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It's a Free Country, I Can Swerve if I Want!

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Trollington, D.C

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No Need to Replay Either

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Let's Just Grab a Pint and Wait for This Whole "Election" Thing to Blow Over

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It's All the Same When You're 7

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