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Spencer Gift's Ignites Blind Rage from Tons of People for Selling Product That Many Consider Uuugely Inappropriate

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President Obama Read Mean Tweets About Himself and Still Managed to Get a Punch in Donald Trump

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More Hilariously irrelevant Political Commentary From Donald Trump

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There's a Lot to Parse Out Here, Just Let the Dumb Wash Over You

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Thanks to One News Anchor's Sanders/Sandwich Flub, We're All Feeling the Heartbern

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The CIA Joined Twitter With the Perfect "Hello World" Message

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Ken M, the Troll That Will Live in Our Hearts Forever

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But What About the ISSUES, MAN?

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The Founding Fathers Can't Even With Our BS

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Solved It!

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charlie sheen and donald trump

Charlie Sheen Goes Off the Walls Insane In NSFW Twitter Rant About Donald Trump

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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Open Conversations Online

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Hillary Clinton Opens Up to Humans of NY About Where Her 'Cold and Calculated' Perceptions Stem From

political social media Hillary Clinton opens up to Humans of New York on her personality perseption
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getting dragged for complaining about protests

ESPN's Sage Steele Tees Herself Up for Twitter Roasting After Complaining About Protests Messing Up Her Travel Plans

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Cue the Musical Sting!

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Headline of the Year

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