Quoting Yourself is the Key to Win Any Debate

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donald trump roasts

People Are Brutally Roasting Donald Trump With Imaginative Song Lyrics For His First 100 Days

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But What About the ISSUES, MAN?

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funny message from airline related to trump being elected

Airline Tweets Sassy Remark About Election Day Just In Time to Piss Donald Trump Off

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Chrissy Teigen Goes off on Trump Spokesperson Katrina Pierson, Who Thinks It's a Compliment

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That Was Definitely JFK's Original Intentions

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Obama is Taking the Battle With Terrorism to Space?

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Barrack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Happy Birthday on Twitter, and the World Can't Even Handle It

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donald trump

The FLOTUS Transition Was a Cringe-Coated Show of Awkwardness Thanks to a Strange Gift Exchange

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Crisis Averted, Everyone Go Home!

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Harsh Realities About the State of Ferguson

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The Second Debate's Biggest Winner Was Kenneth Bone

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Donald Trump jimmy kimmel live

'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Writer Has Made It Her Life's Purpose to Stalk and Troll Donald Trump's Tweets

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Chris Christie's getting mocked by people on the internet for sunbathing on beach he shut down to general public.

Internet's Tearing Chris Christie a New One After He Sunbathed on Beach He Shut Down to General Public

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Spencer Gift's Ignites Blind Rage from Tons of People for Selling Product That Many Consider Uuugely Inappropriate

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