Someone's Bleeding Heart Just Got Torn Out While Reading This

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college admission scandal on some facebook ladies page

Woman's Insightful Facebook Post On The College Admission's Scandal Goes Viral

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John Podesta No Longer Works at the White House, and His Only Regret is Not Finding Out More About UFOs

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twitter birthday barrack obama reactions joe biden politics - 1170693

Barrack Obama Wishes Joe Biden Happy Birthday on Twitter, and the World Can't Even Handle It

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twitter time donald trump reactions politics - 1226501

TIME Names Donald Trump 'Person of the Year' and People on Twitter Don't Seem to Know What to Do with Themselves

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Go to for an Instant List of People to Unfriend on Facebook

internet politics Go to for an Instant List of People to Unfriend on Facebook
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Today in "Totally 100% Real and Not Made-Up Race-Baiting Fake News"

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Politics Are Easy: Just Blame the President!

facepalm ebola politics - 8342830336
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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Open Conversations Online

islam politics - 8285295616
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The Sarah Palin Drinking Game

politics Sarah Palin win - 5050233088
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Steve Martin Speaks Up About That OTHER Steve Martin

celeb politics twitter - 8083691008
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Is Anybody in the Right?

oh god why men vs women politics failbook - 8474274304
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donald trump mask memes

Donald Trump and His Mask Got a Huge Reaction From Twitter

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Donald Trump vs jk rowling

J.K. Rowling Back At It Again, Lashes Out and Insults Donald Trump In the Most British Way Possible

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Amid Protests in Hong Kong, the Daughter of a Major Officials Thanks the Taxpayers for Buying Her Diamonds

Probably bad News Protest politics news failbook g rated - 8336356096
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The Ins and Outs

clever politics school - 5908842240
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