For the Record: Yes, People Believe This

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"Series of Tubes" is No Longer the Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Said About the Internet, Thanks to Ted Cruz

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Anyone Want to Really Feel the Bern?

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Obligitory Political Rage Post

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Jobs

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At Least This One Was Brave Enough to Ask About Their Ignorance

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The FLOTUS Transition Was a Cringe-Coated Show of Awkwardness Thanks to a Strange Gift Exchange

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Funny SNL Writer is trolling Donald Trump on Twitter by responding to the President's tweets like they're having a personal conversation.

SNL Writer Responds to Donald Trump's Tweets Like Their Personal Texts and Awkward Hilariousness Ensues

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In Light of Recent Events, This Account is Not Having a Good Time

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Electoral Science

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People on Twitter are trolling Donald Trump after discovering the inside of a dog's ear looks just like him.

Twitter Trolls Donald Trump Over Inside Of Dog's Ear That Looks Like Him

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Nope, Just "Reading, Riting, 'Rithmatic"

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stephen king says donald trump is a lovecraftian monster

Stephen King Claims That Donald Trump Is Actually Cthulhu, but Even Cthulhu Wants Nothing to Do with Trump

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Watch This Kid Have a Meltdown When His Dad Puts on the Donald Trump Mask

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