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How Facebook C*ck-Blocked You From Becoming Leader of the Free World

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Bad Lip Reading Just Took a Shot at the Presidential Debate, and Roasted Both the Candidates

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Meanwhile, the Strawman Senate Dislikes This Post

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Meanwhile, in a Right-Wing Fantasy Dystopia...

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Harsh Realities About the State of Ferguson

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Our America Doesn't Include Civil Discourse and Polite Conversation

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Donald Trump misspells tweet about news coverage and confuses the entire nation.

Donald Trump Confuses Entire Nation With One Fat FAIL of a Tweet

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Heads Up Everyone, It Could Happen To You Too

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Send Your Resume, But Don't Let Them Check Your References

Send Your Resume, But Don't Let Them Check Your References
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Obama Playing That Long Game

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Oh, Canada...

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Jobs

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The President Discriminates Against the Good People of Rite Aid

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