Hispter Activism

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In This Thread: People Who Don't Know How Elections Work

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Thanks for All the Open Internet, OBAMA

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Let Me Explain You a Thing, President Barnes and Noble

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I Was Dead Joking

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By Jazmin Aburto
presidential nominee tim kaine

Twitter Thinks Vice President Nominee, Tim Kaine, Might Be Everyone's Adorkable Dad

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Clifford Books Were Really Ahead of Their Time

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The Party Party Will Lead Us to a Bright, Prosperous Future

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Let He Who is Without Food Pics Throw the First Shade

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The Most Important Part of This National Tragedy, Definitely the Spelling

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an onion gets more followers than donald trump

These People Are Determined to Get Half An Onion More Followers on Twitter Than The Real Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Met up with Kanye West Today at Trump Tower, and the Reactions on Twitter Alone Made Our Day

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The Internet Is Scrambling to Figure out What a Mazel Tov Cocktail Is

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Conservative Texan Dan Patrick Accidentally Endorses Gay Marriage in a Twitter Typo, Fans of Irony Everywhere Cackle Delightfully

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Canada: America's Quiet, Cooler Sibling

Text - the-random-thought-caravan: apocalypse-aradia glorious-randomness: anderlynn I always think of Canada as the lovechild of England and France after they had a drunken one night stand and England just left it to grow up with its big brother America who was like the rebel of the family this is 100% definitely what happened. and canada wanted to be exactly like america but ended up being the nicer one who makes friends with everyone easily trudat 194,248 notes
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