See, It's Easy to Talk Like a Politician

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Sean Spicer Gets Himself Tarred and Feathered After Claiming Hitler Didn't Use Chemical Weapons 'On His Own People'

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People on Twitter are trolling Donald Trump after discovering the inside of a dog's ear looks just like him.

Twitter Trolls Donald Trump Over Inside Of Dog's Ear That Looks Like Him

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Date Embargo

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Silly Heathens

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The War on Druggeds

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For the Record: Yes, People Believe This

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Problem Solved

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Everything You May Have Missed From Last Night's Debate

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Amtrak Hits Epic New Low, And Responds to Woman Trapped in Elevator Seven Months Too Late

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Donald Trump Jr. Used a Skittles Metaphor for Refugees and It's Got Twitter Groaning More Than An Actual Cavity

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Marco Gutierrez claims us immigration will cause taco trucks to flood the streets

The Internet Rallies Behind #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner After Trump Surrogate Issues Immigration "Warning"

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YOU'VE Had a Bad Day?

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That's Totally How Elections Work, Right?

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If Only We Could Limit Satirical News Articles to Law-Abiding Citizens

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