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Twitter Account is Dedicated to Tracking the Elusive 'Hillary Clinton in the Wild' and It's Pure Greatness

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Go to for an Instant List of People to Unfriend on Facebook

internet politics Go to for an Instant List of People to Unfriend on Facebook
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Donald Trump Jr. leaves people on Twitter dumbfounded after liking a tweet about anal bleaching.

Donald Trump Jr. Likes Tweet About Anal Bleaching And Leaves Internet Dumbfounded

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Donald Trump's Children Posted a Headshot Ad Targetd to Millennials But The Only Thing People Saw Was How Creepy They Looked

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Green Gold

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In Light of Recent Events, This Account is Not Having a Good Time

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Harsh Realities About the State of Ferguson

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Cher Slayed Trump Over Pulling Out of GOP Debates on Fox

funny twitter Cher slays Donald Trump over pulling out of GOP Debate on Fox
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Ted Cruz's Chief of Staff Blows a Few (Tiny) Minds With This "Joke" About Obamacare

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craig mazin and ted cruz

No One Hates Ted Cruz More Than His Old College Roommate, Hollywood Screenwriter Craig Mazin

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Luckily She Isn't the One Determining Everybody's Rights

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There's a Lot to Parse Out Here, Just Let the Dumb Wash Over You

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Hiding Behind Labels: Anyone Can Do it

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