OP Wonders About the Poor and Gets Told. This is Why We CAN Have Nice Things.

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We're On to You, Bob

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Forget the Market, This Little Piggy Went to a New Hampshire Polling Place to Vote

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British People Are Pleading for Obama to Move to the UK to Become the Prime Minister

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People Like This Are Out Voting. RIP America.

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Oh, Canada...

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Let Me Explain You a Thing, President Barnes and Noble

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Thanks for All the Open Internet, OBAMA

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The "Other" White House

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Delectably Stupid Comments From Twitter

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People on Twitter are trolling Donald Trump after discovering the inside of a dog's ear looks just like him.

Twitter Trolls Donald Trump Over Inside Of Dog's Ear That Looks Like Him

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Ten Tweets About Obamacare

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If the Monica Lewinsky Scandal Were Reported Today

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It's Easy, Just be Exactly Like Me!

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Marriage and Politics

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