getting dragged for complaining about protests

ESPN's Sage Steele Tees Herself Up for Twitter Roasting After Complaining About Protests Messing Up Her Travel Plans

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I Hate it When Candy Crush Does This to Me

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Problem Solved

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...Same Thing...

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Watch Stephen Colbert Take a Moment to Congratulate Russia on Winning the Cold War

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Someone Snapped a Pic of Pensive Joe Biden Over the Weekend, and the Internet Had a Ball With it

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Twitter Shows Us What Happens When An Entire Country's Health Care System Is On the Same Email List

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Not Your Typcial Punlitical Post

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Thoughts on the Canadian Election

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Mike Pence announces that he'll be throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' party and people are reacting hilariously on Twitter.

Mike Pence Is Throwing a 'Cinco De Mayo' Party and People Are Losing Their Minds

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Get Active, Mr. President!

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Donald Trump misspells tweet about news coverage and confuses the entire nation.

Donald Trump Confuses Entire Nation With One Fat FAIL of a Tweet

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Donald Trump's Response to Astronauts Telling Him They Purify Their Own Urine Was Pure Comedic Gold

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Making America Crap Again

Making America Crap Again
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It's Like Christmas in America Again!

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