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Sexting and Emoji, Like Oil and Water

emoji oh god why sexy times sexting failbook - 8412103168
Via Brown Cardigan

Now THAT'S How to Advertise for Your Bar!

bar church failbook - 7679077120
Created by Unknown

Modern Day Dr. DoLITTLE

failbook facebook - 8804417792
Created by sphinxtahhh

This Customer Really Just Wanted to Enjoy Their Bird Pie

allergies facepalm restaurant nuts failbook g rated - 8092418048
Via Reddit

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Autocorrect

gandalf The Hobbit failbook g rated - 6889435136
Created by star-burst

Ohhh, Canada

Canada Harry Potter failbook g rated - 6965781760
Created by azziemoved2forks

Oh Heyo Gozeemahsoo

languages facepalm japanese Japan ignorant failbook g rated - 7559885568
DIY Video life hacks failbook - 65502977

A Simple hack to Charge Your Phone With a 9-Volt Battery

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Chain Mail: It Was Cool in the 90s, So Why Not Now?

chain mail old people spam failbook g rated - 8241642752
Via SnipeyMcSnipe

SoCal Hospitality

los angeles california tanning hobos failbook g rated - 7410994176

The 100 States of America

united states geography states us states failbook g rated - 4775282944
Created by MLB
facebook social media Video failbook - 62788353

Weird Tube of the Day: Social Media in a Nutshell

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Too Soon, Facebook

Indiana Jones suggestion juxtaposition failbook g rated - 8217246208
Via moardownboats

I'm Really Starscreaming for This One

sign accidental sexy juxtaposition failbook - 8264282624
Via Know Your Meme

She's a Bit Tart Isn't She?

whoops girlfriend failbook g rated - 8316965120
Via Joanne Casey


customer service rickrolled celeb rick astley failbook g rated - 6442412544
Created by simanthropy

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