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F-150! Okay, Maybe Not F-150...

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Created by Unknown

Nature Valley Reveals Themselves for the Otaku They Are

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Via Nature Valley

Delicious Slacktivism

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Created by Brett W

Guys Take Note

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Created by Unknown

He Hears Ya, He Just Doesn't Want to Listen

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Via nastya nudnik

Thonbs Wamtart!

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Created by Unknown

Screw This, I Quit!

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Created by Unknown

Warfare Against the Wasp Menace

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Created by Tiffany

Same Logo As Always

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Via piximus

My Friend Doctor Noh Thinks It's a Good Idea

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Created by Unknown

Yeah, About That...

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Created by Unknown

The Dude Has Cats, What More Needs to be Said?

Via Perspektive12

Way to Stick It to the Man

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Mexico's Outfits for the 2014 Sochi Olympics Are Totally Insane

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Total Marriage Material

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Via thepunexplainer
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The Creators Claim This is the World's "Dumbest App," but it's Still Pretty Useful!

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