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Dumbo Drop the Mic

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By gr82bfletchified

No, It's Not a Word...

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By cassiejian13

Thanks for the Creepy Baby Imagery!

Via mysterynmayhem

Firefighters Were Ready to En-Gauge the Task

Via Acid Cow

So Close, but Not the Right Reference

Via tripped144

Self-Roll Successful

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By Unknown

Enjoy Your Diabeetus!

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By Unknown

Loading... Loading... Loading...

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By Unknown

Happy Tears, Man! Happy Tears!

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By Unknown

Well That's an Interesting Way of Looking at It

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By Unknown

Truly an Oprah!

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By bxhype1991

Dad Has Rules

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Via raven

Someone is Betting on the Seattle D

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By Jared Judnich

You Can Pick Your Friends, You Can Pick Your Nose...

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Via Deadmau5

Might Need a Few More Hours of Training

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Via lilyxoxo__

How to Make an Instant Country Classic

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