Failbook. Where all the dumb things everyone thought they deleted are posted by their friends for others to laugh at and enjoy their inexplicable lack of a thought process. Remember - think before you post.

Yeah, Rachel and I Are Tight

forever alone no friends friends failbook g rated - 4865043456
Created by TheAluminumMonster

Studies Aren't Looking Up

homework school facepalm failbook g rated - 7901535232
Created by Unknown

Are You Sure It Isn't Cans Her?

diabetes grandma cancer spelling failbook g rated - 7341458688

The Ultimate Tell-Off

flipping the bird swears twitter failbook g rated - 8123315200
Via DinkMagic

Stolen Credit Cards

credit cards identity theft failbook g rated - 4784441344
Created by sk8rjosh86

Miguel Herrera, the Coach of the Mexican National Team, Snaps a Photo With a Fan He's Never Heard of. The Rest of Us Call That Guy Tom Brady.

twitter sports world cup soccer failbook g rated - 8213629440
Via Miguel Herrera

The Stock Tastes Wonderful!

accidental gross cooking food spelling failbook - 8472090112
Created by Unknown

Well-Played, Husband

pinterest milk husband failbook g rated - 7035058176

Alright, Black, I Get It!

friends forever alone failbook - 6381732864

I Feel Sort of Ambivalent Toward This

failbook g rated - 7091729408

The Sovereign Island Nation of Alaska Will Not Stand for This Ignorance

alaska facepalm geography failbook g rated - 8408747520
Via Notsocreativeeither

Some Customers Can't Handle a Truly Metal Cup of Coffee

customer service coffee Starbucks failbook - 8131648256
Via Uproxx

What All Those Facebook Chain Posts Are Really Saying

wisdom chain mail true facts failbook g rated - 8389870848
Created by Unknown

If Little Wafers of Bread Are the Body of Jesus, Then Chocolate Chip Cookies Are the Body of God

cookies failbook faith g rated god religion - 6346241024

Chiefs Fans Unite

racism nfl failbook facebook - 8802410496
Via thetrippytrip

Everybody Was Kaiju Fighting!

facebook win failbook g rated - 7997237248
Created by sarahlaserena