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No Brain, No Knowledge!

cancer cigarettes failbook fish - 6157315584
Created by iansideout

You Know What Emoji Needed More of? NEWMAN!

emoji apps seinfeld failbook g rated - 8264291584
Via No seriously we're not making this up, it's right here

Another Fake Crime to Not Happen Thanks to the President

illuminati Aliens conspiracy barack obama money failbook g rated - 8415660800
Via mrsmayhem

Playing Comment Gaaaaaaames

facebook failbook g rated puns rhyming social media win zombie - 5047416832
Created by Unknown

Grieving Dog Owner

failbook facebook - 8821367552
Via reshipped

When All Else Fails, Make Up Your Own Definitions to Everythinq

facepalm dictionary idiots failbook g rated - 8047087360
Created by Unknown

Britney vs. Customer Service

customer service facepalm failbook g rated spelling - 5500959488
Created by crh878

You Can't Say V*******t on Network TV!

Harry Potter voldemort swearing failbook g rated - 8357437952
Via bugersnatch123

Richard Simmons Takes Perhaps the Most Horrifying Twitter Picture Ever, Patton Oswalt Responds Appropriately

creepy Patton Oswalt failbook - 7890441216

Trans Turismo

failbook wtf - 6388961792

Probably a Little Better Than M and N, Right?

superheroes whoops quiz failbook g rated - 8115244800
Via Google

Signed, The Poople Store

hijacked apple store failbook - 7672566528

Middle School Philosophers

failbook - 4641240320

These Are the 100% Totally True Never-Made-Up #FeministFacts

feminism hashtags twitter failbook - 8330452224
Via Barontess

Context is Everything

reading birthday Awkward rip failbook - 8469457664
Created by MikeAmerica

Thanks for the Vote of Confidence, Bro!

homework school procrastination SpongeBob SquarePants failbook g rated - 7788685568
Created by Jesus

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