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Facebook Advertisement at Its Finest

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When Can We Get This Feature?

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Cool Guys Don't Look Back at the Mess

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I'd Be So Rich...

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Dothraki Rite of Passage

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Stephen King

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Pretty Sure That's EXACTLY Why This Product Was Made

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A Sequel to "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

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Want a T-Shirt With ALL of the Guardians of the Galaxy on It? You're Probably Out of Luck

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You Heard it Here First: Men Are Terrified of Short-Haired Women

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Remember That Other Moon We Have?

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Server Update Tuesday

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Please Tell Me More About These Completely Real People

Text - The Onion 12 hrs the OO In Focus: Facebook Version Of Marriage Going Great SAN JOSE, CA-Citing the numerous photos and status updates that the couple regularly post online, sources confirmed Wednesday that the Face book version of Annie and Colin Wheeler's eight-year marriage is going extremely well. Several of... THEONION.COM Like Comment Share 9,713169 1,465 9,713 people like this. 1,465 shares Why is this "news", who are these people? E Like Reply1 8 hrs G This is the best comment to a
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I Don't Think You Understand How Important Phones Are to High Schoolers

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