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Yeah, This Feature Totally Won't Be Abused or Anything

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Just in Time for "Mother"s Day

Via The Same Picture of Glenn Danzig Everyday

Things Are Finally Looking Up

stealing failbook facebook - 8794603264
Via BackAlleyPharmacist


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Created by Unknown

Meanwhile, Nutjobs Think The Dress Was a Government Conspiracy

government conspiracy facepalm the dress failbook g rated - 8454234880
Via aldenhg

Here's What Happens When Kids These Days Don't Know the WiFi Password

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Facebook Reveals Instagram Video, Direct Challenger to Vine

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Via Uproxx

10 Things I Love About Social Media Stalking

celeb creeper stalking failbook g rated - 8326333184
Via Brown Cardigan

Forgetting to Take Your Oxygen Tank While Diving

pooping phones failbook - 6701746944

Studies Aren't Looking Up

homework school facepalm failbook g rated - 7901535232
Created by Unknown

The Perfect Response to Entitled Customers

customer service burn First World Problems whining failbook - 8326250752
Created by CeloniaHolmstrom

One Big, Gigantic Phrasing Problem

accidental gross horses spelling failbook - 8191411968
Created by diesel99


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Via Tastefully Offensive
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Advice of the Day: Pat Robertson Warns Moms of Covens, Curses If Posting Ultrasound to Facebook

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Shortly Afterwards, Deadmau5 Changed His Name to Burnedmau5

Deadmau5 failbook g rated house jersey shore Music - 6276716544
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