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Just Russia Things

russia failbook facebook - 8817025280
Via 3.bp

Jon Stewart, Master Troll

twitter donald trump failbook - 7431860224
Created by Unknown

You Better Double Check Your Boarding Pass

girl mistakes austria for australia on facebook
Via wittyfeed

The Lines, as Always, Are Just a Suggestion

douchebag parkers cars parking failbook g rated - 8159753728
Created by Sir snuffleuppagus

Foul Bachelorette Frog Learns to Cook

failbook - 7616805888
Created by Unknown

How to Make a Tourist Look Like a Fool

engrish whoops accidental sexy failbook - 8357445888
Via Hollacaine

An Insane Amazon Seller Threatens the Wrath of Scientology on People Who Give Negative Feedback

customer service crazy failbook - 8047584512
Created by Unknown

This Post is Anything but Benign

trolling Wait For It cancer failbook - 8225053696
Created by Unknown

Wat You Know 'Bout Ironic Memes, Marat?

failbook facebook Memes - 8976475904
Via pain76

The Iceman Cometh

Georgia snow winter failbook g rated - 8029285888
Created by C Stri

Skynet Will Destroy Us All

skynet youtube comments funny failbook g rated - 7515481088
Created by madfishmonger

Air That Sad, Dirty Laundry All Over the Place. Thanks!

Sad drugs drama TMI parenting kids these days failbook - 8472188928
Created by Unknown

When You Don't Get the Joke, the Joke Is on You

failbook facebook - 8811864576
Via boredpanda

Every Joke Has an Origin

failbook jokes reply tldr wtf - 5941653760
Created by Sam

Kevin Smith Has Had a Rare Privilege

ben affleck batman failbook - 7756774144
Created by Unknown

Suit Up and Get Ready for Battle!

dogs pets nerdgasm Cats failbook g rated - 8400701440
Created by mnenemth
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