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Dude, You Could Have Had TWO CHICKENS!

breakfast eggs facepalm science failbook g rated - 8104603904
By tess

Listen, We Don't Play Around in Our Ancient Cultures

history tumblr failbook - 8323506688
Via Brown Cardigan
list accident failbook hacked - 802565

These 10 Social Media "Hacks" Are Totally Worth Your Time

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There Are Fans of Gerard Way, and Then There's This

art twitter tattoos failbook - 8159706880
Via @gerardway

In Nomine Pantry et Filo et Sourdough Sanctii

christmas puns failbook g rated - 7937802752
By Unknown

English Pride, Y'all!

united kingdom england UK the south failbook - 7634611200
By Unknown
phone numbers math Video failbook g rated - 64177153

This is What Happens When You Ask Your Phone What a Googol Really is

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Trust No One, Kid

twitter rebel we got a badass over here failbook - 8414097664
Via LocalFatKid
justin bieber one direction youtube comments youtube failbook - 56441345

Teenage Girl Youtube Comments: The Neo-Noir Edition

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This Service Ought to be Worth More

u2 sign homeless iphone failbook - 8321338112
Via zacharygarren

Jumping the Gun

marriage run bro relationships engaged weddings popping the question dating failbook g rated - 7874661632
By bonkers

Eminem's Newest Rhyme Exclaims He Will Punch Lana Del Ray in the Face. Reactions to This Were Not so Kind.

Music twitter rap eminem failbook g rated - 8375591424
Via eliases

Why I Unfriended You

failbook g rated rant repost unfriend - 6509162496
By tonyfleming

Cast, and They Shall Bite

failbook facebook dumb - 8805143296
By RunawayPenguin

You Win This Round, Dog

dogs failbook - 6823520000
By Unknown

Ask to Supersize Next Time

midgets failbook - 6865808384
By Unknown
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