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Those Shouldn't Be in the Same Sentence

Grandpa modeling failbook - 5907997696
Created by Unknown

The Joke, You Appeared to Miss it

facepalm haiku poetry failbook g rated - 8246447104
Created by jamiexoxo1

The Man Who Dared to Dream of Beer Fish

Via MKiley117

Pretty Sure That's EXACTLY Why This Product Was Made

accidental sexy sexy times tumblr failbook - 8329491968
Via Acid Cow

Darwin Award

failbook facebook idiots - 8800912896
Via topontiki

Perspective is Everything

design failbook - 8476177152
Created by Unknown

Whip Out Your Ennui Right Now

sexy times relationships texting failbook - 8220717568
Via I Heart Chaos

10 O'Clock and 2 O'Clock and OH GOD WHY

pets cars driving dangerous failbook - 8104204544
Created by usernamesareforfools

Benjamin Franklin ALWAYS Has His Blinker on and Everything

twitter tumblr parking failbook g rated - 8382565376
Via hotdogsladies

The "C" Stands for "Credit"

credit card drive facebook facepalm failbook g rated stupid technology - 5671048448
Created by Unknown
monday thru friday failbook - 105221

And the Award for Longest Receipts Goes To...

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Ding-Dong Ditch...

kids failbook - 7761085440
Created by Kizuna31

Living That Thrift Life

Via Acid Cow

What Did I JUST Say?

photos juxtaposition food failbook g rated - 7883413504
Created by Unknown

I Get a Kick Out of These Puns

feet puns failbook g rated - 4883037696
Created by archij

Whoops! The Columbus Dispatch Accidentally Credits John Elway With 7 TD Passes Instead of Peyton Manning

nfl football headlines failbook - 7782621440
Created by Unknown
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