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A Really Long, Drawn-Out Political Conversation? Facebook is the Perfect Place!

net neutrality please stop kids these days politics failbook - 8377425920
Created by Unknown

The Real World is Going to be Harsh for This One

religion facepalm college failbook - 8141174272
Via thtrtechie

Just Joking, Old Sport!

the great gatsby failbook g rated - 7688951040

Seriously, What is Geography?

sports FAIL geography failbook g rated - 7872988672
Created by Rick


thats what she said deaf dating failbook g rated - 7245296128
Created by Unknown

Can I Eat This?

cashier cashier Walmart Walmart failbook g rated - 7565291008

What Your Apple Watch is Actually Going to Look Like After a Month

apple watch design apple failbook g rated - 8321337088
Via scuzu

Sock Drama

drama failbook gay lol relationship socks - 5768511488
Via wibblesome

All Those Dams on the Nile River Were Used to Generate Power

egypt wat failbook - 7843128576

Clean Up on Aisle Me!

failbook - 7072417792
Created by eweknowe

It's Easy to Lose Yourself in a Comment Thread About Mom's Spaghetti

failbook comment thread facebook - 8805941248
Via Cheezburger Facebook
being facebook friends with your parents

10 Reasons to Unfriend Your Parents on Facebook

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grammar paris hilton kim kardashian miley cyrus rihanna failbook - 94213

These Brazilian Kids Are Learning English by Correcting Celebrities' Grammar

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Zero to Stupid in 7.6 Seconds

cars DIY failbook g rated - 8153970688
Created by cant_think_of_username

Etiquette Demands You Put Your Phone Away During Meals

Awkward facebook failbook g rated oh snap rude social media - 5550498560
Created by Unknown

They Should Close It Already

failbook - 6279327488
Created by Unknown
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