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Helicopter Parents Thought These Were Drugs... Nope!

Via OwenMilloy

Verily, 'tis the Bass!

Music poetry failbook g rated - 8341015296
Created by katrinahopes

You've Gotta be Kidding Me

goat pets kid prank failbook - 8480574976
Created by CharlieEmma

I'm Almost as Pretty as This Fact

nostalgia cartoons true facts failbook g rated - 8103660800
Created by luverofanimals


soldiers failbook g rated - 7519163392
Created by mindy.kay.5

Beware the Dangers of THCitrus

orange drugs tumblr trolling failbook - 8105623040


beer stocks Economics failbook g rated - 5075618560
Created by Unknown
fake Video iphone failbook - 63886337

Exclusive Leaked Footage of the iPhone 6!

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Kids Are Such Excellent Negotiators

parenting kids these days frozen failbook - 8251474944
Created by Unknown

How to Make Every Programmer Your Sworn Enemy

twitter bad idea evil prank failbook - 8380982784
Via PeterRitchie

Lady Fires Back for Note Left on Her Car Claiming She's Not a Veteran

veterans military failbook facebook - 8805144320
Via rebecca.landis

Thanks, Autocorrect...

autocorrect funny money failbook - 7510616064

OP Wonders About the Poor and Gets Told. This is Why We CAN Have Nice Things.

random act of kindness poor wisdom true story politics failbook - 8477090816

She Figured It Out!

family guy theories failbook g rated - 7927281408
Created by 100eme

That Awkward Moment When Your Friend Thinks a Team Fortress 2 Poster is a World War I Poster...

failbook - 7643329024

School: Finish It

college sex school virginity failbook - 6413753088

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