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No, Wait, the Antelope Ran Away

car driving failbook g rated road trip - 6314170624
Created by Tim

Gandalf is Dead?

gandalf The Hobbit failbook - 7587662080
Created by Unknown

Best. Crucifixion. EVER!

crucifix jesus christ failbook g rated - 7733303040

A Bad Blonde Moment

blonde moment facepalm failbook g rated - 7760539904
Created by mustangman65_79

Guess He's Pulling Out In Time

sex pope pregnant pope benedict failbook - 7057902336
Created by ephemerides

Wash Your Hands While You're at It

gross fapping funny failbook - 7486690816
Created by Unknown
parody Video iphone failbook - 64508673

What if the iPhone 6 Were ACTUALLY Better Than its Predecessors?

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Darwin? Who's That?

tongue Darwin battery failbook g rated - 6717507072

Did You Know Montana is a State?

united states geography states failbook g rated - 7060201216
Created by Unknown

My Soulmate

soulmates relationships sleep dating breakups failbook g rated - 7862661376

He's Got All That Apple Money, Right?

facepalm hoax Bill Gates failbook - 8069301504
Via Reddit

Best Wife EVER!

alcohol Valentines day failbook g rated - 7064067584
Created by Putoreo

Nice Pun Work, Dream Me!

tumblr dreams puns failbook g rated - 8398777600
Via Know Your Meme

They Call It PRIDE Rock for a Reason!

the lion king gay marriage simba failbook - 7152999424
Created by thecheesemaster55

Those Are Nowhere Near the Same Thing, Entertainment Weekly

bill cosby too soon what failbook - 8400601088
Via nickharl

Headline of the Year

failbook facebook politics - 8819309568
Via theglowpt1

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