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So, You're the Most Free Then?

North Korea america failbook - 8240023808
Created by olivia.crooks.18

Facebook Machines

laptops computers PC windows microsoft apple failbook - 7586099200

They Provide 150-200 Hours of Entertainment

jokes puns Skyrim failbook g rated - 8012289024
Created by DavnidDeLaSoup

Not Even Close

patriotism failbook facebook - 8822876160
Via chewbaklava

How Many Moneys Are Inside That Thing?

grammar whoops typo failbook - 8367046144
Created by DiaperDad


murica america spelling failbook g rated - 7046508032
Created by Matt

The Smelliest Surprise

oh god why food fart failbook g rated - 8420413696
Via tpolisher

What Not To Do When You're Bored

boredom gun bored failbook - 6845010688
Created by Unknown

Protecting Myself From Disease in Around the Immuno-Compromised? Totally Unfair.

facepalm hospital vaccines failbook - 8028937984

Weird, a TON of People Made the Exact Same Pose in Kanye's Exclusive New Shoes

Via Brown Cardigan

Yo Momma is a Witch!

Harry Potter failbook - 4832001024
Created by Unknown

Scissors Beats Paper

games rock paper atoms failbook g rated - 6791979264

We All Feel That Way About Chad

Via R_swire

No Number of "A's" Could Prevent This

irony spelling name failbook - 8457334784
Created by Unknown

So Long, and Thanks for All the Jobs

facepalm barack obama politics failbook g rated - 8442834688
Created by Unknown

Everybody is a Fast & Furious Expert Now

vin diesel paul walker Fast and Furious failbook g rated - 7934624000

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