Duck Robots

autocorrect robots texting - 4818274048
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Autocorrect Can't Fix Stupid

autocorrect phone what iphone - 8353778688
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Autocorrect is a (United) State of Mind

autocorrect whoops grandma - 8391360000
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Dank Memes Did 9/11

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It's What We're All Thinking, Anyway

autocorrect phone texting - 8378047488
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"Trimming the Hedges"

autocorrect not what i meant pubes - 5098187776
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Happy Birthday!

happy birthday trash, I mean Trish
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That've Is'll Driven the Grammar Nazis Crazy!

grammar nazi autocorrect microsoft word failbook g rated - 6854082560

Can't be Tamed!

Text - 9:07 AM oo Verizon LTE 73% Messages Group Details To: Mom, Jayne, Allison & 2 more... Jack and Katie, the front tire of the Jetta is flat. Do no draw it. I will call Triple A tonight. Jack, should I have them tow it to that Tire store? Drive not draw M Don't tell me what to do Subject iMessage
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I Thought This Job Came With "Benefits"

autocorrect freudian slip typo - 7295873536
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But It Melted and Got All Over Everything

autocorrect chocolate gross not what it sounds like spelling - 5547628544

Speech to Text Isn't Quite 100% Yet

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What Mom and Dad do Behind Closed Doors...

autocorrect accidental sexy spelling - 8274297600
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"Oedipus Text"

autocorrect Featured Fail oh-sh parents text - 5001654016
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autocorrect jesus keha witty reply - 5255921152
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Your "Other Half" is Wine, as it Should Be

alcohol phones autocorrect wine AutocoWrecks - 8133692672
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