Did Siri Just Have a Stroke or Something?

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The Missionary Tax Position

Babies autocorrect spelling whoops pregnant typo - 8303478528
By Jessica

Ordinary Conversation is About to Get Way Funnier

autocorrect iphone prank - 8257723392
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Not What I Meant...

autocorrect massage - 6628294656
By selena_teresa

Are You Sure It Wasn't a Whole Case?

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By mcaddick

The Monthly Call

autocorrect lady business womenamirite - 5242103552
By SarahLovesFails

Weekend at Bertie's

autocorrect - 7571666432
By lolfrag

One of the Greatest AutoCorrect Blunders Ever

autocorrect failbook porn facebook - 8818819072
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Home, Home on the Range!

autocorrect - 7753538304
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The Sexy Autocorrect to End All Sexy Autoccrect

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That've Is'll Driven the Grammar Nazis Crazy!

grammar nazi autocorrect microsoft word failbook g rated - 6854082560
By Unknown

What Mom and Dad do Behind Closed Doors...

autocorrect accidental sexy spelling - 8274297600
By Emily

Sure, "Autocorrect."

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By Chrisparlamas

We Know You're Lying

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By Unknown

Fresh Fish

autocorrect fish oops - 4925581824
By DanielWJent


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By Romanator3000