It's What We're All Thinking, Anyway

autocorrect phone texting - 8378047488
Via Brown Cardigan


autocorrect classic facebook failbook meme - 5564942592
By Romanator3000

The Monthly Call

autocorrect lady business womenamirite - 5242103552
By SarahLovesFails

Autocorrect Can't Fix Stupid

autocorrect phone what iphone - 8353778688
By XX668.5

Auto-Correct is at it Again!

autocorrect spelling - 5285003008
By moonriver

Is There Ever a Correct Context for This?

Via Brown Cardigan

Pong Lenis

autocorrect oops your friends are laughing at you - 4499455488
By muirdj

Time to "Pew Pew Pew" All Over That Weather

autocorrect whoops word choice spelling - 8238704640
By icanhazpants

Work on Your Hacking

autocorrect FAIL hack - 7884262400
By Unknown

Thanks, Autocorrect...

autocorrect funny money failbook - 7510616064
By Unknown

I Thought This Job Came With "Benefits"

autocorrect freudian slip typo - 7295873536


autocorrect fry gross spelling - 5671139328
By Jessica

Depressed or Relieved?

autocorrect bathroom spelling AutocoWrecks - 8027873792
By Andrew

Too Bad. It Would've Been SO SPOOPY if He Were Dead!

autocorrect dead deaf - 7854607104
By Unknown

An Apology is Often in Order

autocorrect apologies funny - 7088997888
By Sibie

Are You Sure It Wasn't a Whole Case?

autocorrect drunk spelling wine - 6700160768
By mcaddick