Weekend at Bertie's

autocorrect - 7571666432
By lolfrag


autocorrect jesus keha witty reply - 5255921152
By Lindsey

In the Ultimate Autocorrect Prank, "Dirty Laundry" Becomes Modernist Irish Literature

literature autocorrect moms failbook g rated - 8167351808
Via MrBikferd

Wake Up and Smell the Ambien

autocorrect sexy times texting - 8155622656
By Unknown

We Know You're Lying

breakfast autocorrect eggs bacon - 7353065472
By Unknown

Just Keep on Trucking, You Duck

autocorrect AutocoWrecks cursing phones failbook - 8095938304
By Unknown


autocorrect classic facebook failbook meme - 5564942592
By Romanator3000

Tall Drink of Water, This One

autocorrect accidental sexy - 8163416576
By Barbara

They're a Very Close Family

autocorrect not what it sounds like parents spelling wtf - 4925579776
By Tonia

Whose Side Are You On, Autocorrect?

autocorrect retard - 6918958848
By Unknown

Autocorrect Hates Old Technology

autocorrect whoops phone iphone - 8395493376
By joe_dawg_9

Sure, "Autocorrect."

auto correct autocorrect China chinese fap nap - 6376180224
By Chrisparlamas

The Autocorrect Atheist Conspiracy Comes to a Head!

religion conspiracy autocorrect spelling - 8346819072
Via 96fpsporn

Beta Carotene for All!

autocorrect whoops what - 8432405504
By supermouse35

Is There Ever a Correct Context for This?

Via Brown Cardigan

One of the Greatest AutoCorrect Blunders Ever

autocorrect failbook porn facebook - 8818819072
Via RealBurtMacklinFBI
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