autocorrect lol status updates The Spelling Wizard win witty comebacks - 4223147776
Created by Unknown

Is There Ever a Correct Context for This?

Via Brown Cardigan

"Oedipus Text"

autocorrect Featured Fail oh-sh parents text - 5001654016
Created by chelseypants

Siri Doesn't Care Much for Accents

autocorrect siri - 8461688832
Created by Unknown

Difficult Protein Stains?

autocorrect accidental sexy spelling failbook - 8275301120
Via Laylakat

What if You Autocorrected Your Phone's "OK" to "Herpes"?

phones autocorrect texting - 8152402944
Via zaphyman

We Know You're Lying

breakfast autocorrect eggs bacon - 7353065472
Created by Unknown

Weekend at Bertie's

autocorrect - 7571666432
Created by lolfrag


autocorrect fry gross spelling - 5671139328
Created by Jessica

Autocorrect is Your Enemy

autocorrect AutocoWrecks - 7243423232
Created by Unknown

Your "Other Half" is Wine, as it Should Be

alcohol phones autocorrect wine AutocoWrecks - 8133692672

Tall Drink of Water, This One

autocorrect accidental sexy - 8163416576
Created by Barbara

The Monthly Call

autocorrect lady business womenamirite - 5242103552
Created by SarahLovesFails

Home, Home on the Range!

autocorrect - 7753538304
Created by Unknown

I Like the Way You Rub

autocorrect nuts - 7643846912
Created by Jerica

Time to "Pew Pew Pew" All Over That Weather

autocorrect whoops word choice spelling - 8238704640
Created by icanhazpants
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