Autocorrect is Your Enemy

autocorrect AutocoWrecks - 7243423232
Created by Unknown

Too Bad. It Would've Been SO SPOOPY if He Were Dead!

autocorrect dead deaf - 7854607104
Created by Unknown

We Know You're Lying

breakfast autocorrect eggs bacon - 7353065472
Created by Unknown

Auto-Correct is at it Again!

autocorrect spelling - 5285003008
Created by moonriver

The Monthly Call

autocorrect lady business womenamirite - 5242103552
Created by SarahLovesFails

Tall Drink of Water, This One

autocorrect accidental sexy - 8163416576
Created by Barbara

Sure, "Autocorrect."

auto correct autocorrect China chinese fap nap - 6376180224
Created by Chrisparlamas

Depressed or Relieved?

autocorrect bathroom spelling AutocoWrecks - 8027873792
Created by Andrew

Autocorrect With an Accent

smartphone autocorrect whoops phone - 8454174208
Created by Unknown

That've Is'll Driven the Grammar Nazis Crazy!

grammar nazi autocorrect microsoft word failbook g rated - 6854082560
Created by Unknown


autocorrect lol status updates The Spelling Wizard win witty comebacks - 4223147776
Created by Unknown


autocorrect failbook - 7245410304
Created by Skeimyr

On the Inside? A Rare Thing Indeed...

autocorrect lady bits accidental sexy bewbs - 8296383488
Created by Unknown

Your "Other Half" is Wine, as it Should Be

alcohol phones autocorrect wine AutocoWrecks - 8133692672

They're a Very Close Family

autocorrect not what it sounds like parents spelling wtf - 4925579776
Created by Tonia

Auto-Correct Run Amok

autocorrect blackberry nice try - 4645292288
Created by Unknown
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