Autocorrect Hates Old Technology

autocorrect whoops phone iphone - 8395493376
By joe_dawg_9

Oh Baby!

autocorrect pregnant spelling - 4928869376
By Unknown

We All Know What You Really Mean by "Mixtape," Bro

Via Brown Cardigan

Time to "Pew Pew Pew" All Over That Weather

autocorrect whoops word choice spelling - 8238704640
By icanhazpants

Too Bad. It Would've Been SO SPOOPY if He Were Dead!

autocorrect dead deaf - 7854607104
By Unknown

French Tires, Rich in Nutrients

autocorrect whoops texting spelling - 8492585984
By Delbert

"Trimming the Hedges"

autocorrect not what i meant pubes - 5098187776

There's No Game Genie for This Sign

sign autocorrect - 8289254144
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autocorrect Awkward Death spelling - 5322451712

I Hear Its Painkilling Properties Are Legendary

autocorrect coke texting typos - 7854227456
By luckysocks

Dad Taught You Well

autocorrect foreskin phone - 5138840832
By jtjaskot

Just Hanging Together

hanging out autocorrect friend - 7371604224
By GoatsEatGoofs

Auto-Correct is at it Again!

autocorrect spelling - 5285003008
By moonriver

Living Curiously?

autocorrect typos - 7755478016
By Unknown

What if You Autocorrected Your Phone's "OK" to "Herpes"?

phones autocorrect texting - 8152402944
Via zaphyman

They're a Very Close Family

autocorrect not what it sounds like parents spelling wtf - 4925579776
By Tonia