The Oscar of the Grammy of the Tony Award Goes to...

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Take a Look at This and Prepare to Up Your Profile Pic Game

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popular sayings that are wrong | Timmibal More Customer is Always Right Because half s missing full truism is Customer is Always Right matters taste Guy wants pint half baileys, half orange juice? He's paying. Lady wants wear raw turkey as hat do love doesn't mean is Kyle and Karen get free reign treat people like shit because they happen be handing over money at some stage interaction.

Popular Sayings That Are Kinda BS

Sometimes a saying is just a saying.
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Donald Rumsfeld Tweets About "Liberating" Iraqis, Twitter Ain't Havin' None of It

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Instagram: Not Just for Your Food Pictures Anymore

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Dude, No

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You're Only Off By About 3,998,000,000 Years!

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Sassy Shinki Weighs In on the New White House Arrival

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Collage Dagree Not Necassery

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Anger Trumps Geography

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This is What Adulthood Looks Like

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School is Like a Boner

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Hook, Line, and Sinker!

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That's a Clever Way to Get Out of Buying Chocolates

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I'm a Fig Man Myself

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