christian sister refuses to take part in atheist brother's wedding

Guy Texts His Crazy Christian Sister That He's Getting Married and Brings Out the Real Devil In Her

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Blackmail Beats Bribery

cash money school - 6224528896
Created by obehave_wan

Secret Third Option: Keep it and Tell No One

accidental sexy reading is sexy special delivery - 8082335488

"Stupid and Crazy"

cause and effect failbook g rated lol mirror pic oops pregnant - 5764329472


plz no sexy times awkward moments oh snap really witty comebacks your friends are laughing at you - 4213694208
Created by michellemc

This is What Love Looks Like in the Social Media Age

phones Street Art hacked irl - 8150994688
Via Banksy

Tiger Only Has Wood for You

selfie Tiger Woods - 6459123968
Created by cup0fnoodlez

I See What You Did There, Brian.

grammar I see what you did there spelling witty reply - 5181201408
Created by uberspec711

We All Cope With Death Differently

mark twain - 7833590784
Created by klopek007

I'm Not Gonna Guess How

facepalm irony spelling - 5834674176
Created by Unknown

Marvel. Stan Lee. Superman...

DC marvel superman - 7954290432

Take that, Netflix!

netflix failbook g rated - 7694138624
Created by Unknown

Does a Bear Sh*t in the Woods?

charmin toilet paper tweet twitter - 6481488896
Created by xerox594

Blue Screen of FAIL

oh snap technology witty reply - 4554482944

Can We Get Birth Control in the Water Yet?

pregnancy facebook - 8096842752


Awkward The Spelling Wizard too honest whoops - 3421991424
Created by Ben Plotnik

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