He's a Professional

grammar nazi grammar failbook g rated - 7056538368

If Only the Truth Spread as Quickly

chlamydia drama family oh snap parents STD - 5256907776
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Step 1: Befriend Several Randon LaShondas. Step 2...

A Failbook Guide to Trolling epic win lol trolling - 4515608320
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Always Remember What Abraham Lincoln Said About Quotes on the Internet

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The Most Interesting User on Facebook

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How do I Into an Selfie?

selfie whoops - 8085526272
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You're Not True Hardcore Mom Enough if You Had a C-Section Birth, According to These Idiots

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It's important to know where to measure from

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By Esbont

Hayley Atwell With the Important Questions

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Go Angles!!

baseball spelling your friends are laughing at you - 4608326912
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The Big Fish in the Sky is Looking Out for You

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Still Figuring Things Out

oops Overshare your friends are laughing at you - 5323561472
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The Autocorrect Atheist Conspiracy Comes to a Head!

religion conspiracy autocorrect spelling - 8346819072
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Watching TV Just Like the Pioneers Did!

facepalm TV power outage failbook g rated - 8060780544
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A Mother's Love

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By Meghan

Oh Baby!

autocorrect pregnant spelling - 4928869376
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