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Adele criticized for use of Bantu braids during carnival celebration in notting hill london, funny tweets, twitter memes, jamaica | @301mair Adele said she Rolling Pon De Deep | ueger @_hassan416 Adele went hello" toO "wagwan" AWARDS RDS

Adele's Carnival Look Garners Harsh Criticism And Roasty Memes

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Autocorrect Can't Fix Stupid

autocorrect phone what iphone - 8353778688
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Quadruple 360 Fakie Negative. Excellent Grammar!

grammar words what - 8120674048
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Pokémon video games - 6280766720
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Will The Real Christian Bale Please Stand Up?

christian bale facebook comments

Celebrating the Miracle of Life

birth jim carrey - 6390786560
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The Sweetest Poopoo

poop McDonald's bathroom - 5099124992
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Yo Rufus, You're Now Rufus6178

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trump inauguration riots

Feast Your Weary Eyes on All the Fights, Chaotic Rioting, Property Damage, and Flash Bangs from Trump's Inauguration

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Oh Come On Now...

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pictures of wedding cake fails | bride dragging a groom from a computer desk | ugly cheap yellow cake

Wedding Cakes Worth Calling Off The Wedding For

Wedding Cakes So Bad, They Belong In The Trash
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Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

funny twitter image mom joke at it's best
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Soccer Moms Are Upset About... Sweet Tarts?

candy drugs parentbook - 8264364800
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failed intentions witty comebacks your friends are laughing at you - 4081489920
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It's Math-Magical!

school order of operations math failbook - 8370260736
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