The Questions That Keep Canadians Up at Night

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Leave Your Inclusive, Inspirational Crap for the Nice Side of the Internet

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You Now Have It Stuck in Your Head. You're Welcome.

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Sometimes You're Just too Stoned to See the Error

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A Christmas Present

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Yes, But That Seems Irrelevant Here...

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A Scary Story

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Shh... I'm "Reading."

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My Power Is Greater Than Your Bowels Can Possibly Imagine

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Deep Questions, Shallow Answers

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I'm Pretty Sure She Wants Us to Look Her Armpit Hair...

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The Kind of Kindness That Can Only be Faked Because of Social Media

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HTC Smooches the Pooch, Takes a Picture of Their New Android Phone With an iPhone

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I'm Sure It'll Turn Up

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RIP Google and Good Taste

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