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Entertaining Tumblr Posts For When You Have Time To Kill

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bad idea facepalm make your own fail really your friends are laughing at you - 4304008960
By Unknown

Gweat Idea!

lol puns status - 4798513920
By Unknown

The More Family Hoes, the Merrier!

funny fail image family christmas card is full of hoes
Via @yoshedabomb

It's Not Too Late to Change Them!

Cheezburger Image 6704770048
By Unknown

The Lowest We Can Go is $35 a Month for the Rest of Your Life, Sorry

Via pastor_sg
art Mark Zuckerberg pun Video - 38619137

Artist Sculpts Shrine of Zuckerberg's Face With a Book

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You Can Smile While Throwing a Tantrum, Right?

generosity - 7138672384
By gregstergmo

Trolling Level Five Billion

failbook marijuana smoking troll trolling weed - 6295212544
By Unknown

She Doesn't Get It

parenting bjs - 4789724928
By Unknown

Well, It Ain't "Georgia"

oh snap witty reply - 5308166144
By Unknown

Not Only Are You Butthurt, You're Buttclean as Well!

trolling boyfriends - 7961556736
By captndan

You Don't Know What You Got till It's Stuffed

twitter wisdom cold - 8371465728
Via Know Your Meme

Facebook Friends

facebook friends friends profile picture failbook g rated - 7076831744
By moleman127

Don't Platter Yourself

battle of the sexes costume halloween - 5350545920
By Jose (Via

Facebook Cares About You

facebook cares fish bits
Via nullalux