This is War!

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Nope, We Hate That We're Cringing Forever Reading This Crap

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A Wild Nessie Attacks!

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Jessica Alba's Sunscreen Line is Getting Burned by The Internet

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Ashley. STAHP!

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Twitter Trends: #FutureMittJokes

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The Buttie of a Sunset

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That Awkward Moment When Your Friend Thinks a Team Fortress 2 Poster is a World War I Poster...

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Guuuys come on this is serious!

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What Happens When Terrible People Overshare on Facebook?

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Watch YouTubers Tell YouTube Exactly What is Wrong With YouTube in This 2014 Complaints Video

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Why the World Hates America

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Neve Mmind the Word "Teen" in There

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Grammar Doesn't Matter on Facebook

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