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Guy Live-Tweets His Bat Issues, and Wow Is This Ridiculous

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31 Flavors but Not That One...

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Adele criticized for use of Bantu braids during carnival celebration in notting hill london, funny tweets, twitter memes, jamaica | @301mair Adele said she Rolling Pon De Deep | ueger @_hassan416 Adele went hello" toO "wagwan" AWARDS RDS

Adele's Carnival Look Garners Harsh Criticism And Roasty Memes

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Netflix and Brood

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Assuming They Aren't Using Their Camera Phones

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Kanye West Collaborated With Paul McCartney on a New Track, Let's See How Dumb Twitter Gets About it

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Welcome to the Chill Zone

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Why Justin Bieber Is Objectively Better Than Kurt Cobain

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Christmas in Australia?

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funny tweets

Life Changers: Cat Making Everything Better (Tweets)

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How Are Things Looking From That High Horse?

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Friend Request Denied

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No, My Dad's Just Curvy!

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What? How? Why?

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The Machines Bite Back!

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