Dating Fails

We Are Dating

Vanilla Social Roles

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Bad Smells Make Me Chock and Gag

funny misspellings in a weird Omegle exchange
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Sex and Candy

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I Love Boosting Other People's Self-Esteem Unless They're Genetic Doggerel

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I'm Hooked And I Can't Stop Starin'

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That's What Her Close Group of Friends Are For

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I'm Magnanimous Enough to Forgive Your Predilection for Fish

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By Kelikala

We Don't Even Have a Unicorn Stable

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You Got Everything Right Except the "Scare Off" Bit

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The Trouble With Dating in College

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Rough Rider

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The Telltale Scratch

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At Your Age, You Should Know Better Than to Be Creepy Like That

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Poor Man´s Jacuzzi Sex

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The Pink Fuzzy Kind?

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