Dating Fails

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That Man's Switch Is Awfully Small

men and women switch We Are Dating women and men - 5236794112
By Alexwin

Wrong Question

affair cheating marriage We Are Dating wife yahoo answers - 5306309632
By Salsa

I Get a Saxophoner Over the Weirdest Things

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By Unknown

I've Gotta Say, He Makes A Strong Case

advertising bachelor dating hey ladies michael shameless self-promotion single We Are Dating - 5526969088
By Unknown

I Just Want to Control His Life!

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By Unknown

Some People Like to Make Life a Little Tougher Than It Is

couple fence KISS kissing We Are Dating - 5320249088
By jackjohn (Via

The Sniff Burglar

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Baby, Tonight We're Gonna Get Prehistoric

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By Unknown

This Time, "Stinky-Poo" Wasn't Just a Pet Name

fight news spat We Are Dating - 5378707200
By Unknown
breakup ex Video We Are Dating - 23863041

Looks Like He's Finally Over Her, But Still Very Very Desperate

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Just a LIttle Too Much PDA

bathroom caught PDA sex stall We Are Dating - 5335949568
By Unknown

Very Low Self-Esteem

body body type used We Are Dating - 5121638144
By Unknown

Thar She Blows

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By Unknown

A Little Too Suggestive for a First Date

dinner food We Are Dating - 5073496064
By Unknown

Maybe It's the "Sad" Part You Should Fix

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By Unknown

Video Games Ruin Lives

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