Dating Fails

We Are Dating

Poor Man´s Jacuzzi Sex

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By butterflyperception

I Just Want to Slowly Shuffle After You Chanting Your Name Slowly

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By maxystone

Mittens Just Sits There... Judging

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By Unknown

On My Hindquarter, a Butterfly

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By silveryswirls (Via

This Is the Only Reason "The Notebook" Was Created

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By Unknown

And DON'T Be His Long-Lost Sister

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Humans as Magnets

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It Is Strongly Recommended That You Don't Restart Your Relationship at This Time

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Only If It's Been Washed Thoroughly

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Speed Reading

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Quick, Rapid Strokes Build Muscle Tone

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What's A Pretty Thing Like Me Doing In A Place Like My House?

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By Unknown

Try Asking Your Pants

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By Unknown

Affection = Boners

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There Are Some Things Money Can't Buy or Lengthen

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By Alexwin

It's All Fun and Games Until You Get a Split Skull and a Headache

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By maxystone