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Love Delivery

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I Don't Even Bother to Keep My Password a Secret Anymore

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Ken Jennings Never Had His Mind in the Gutter

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I'm Thinking the Latter

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Losing Your Man Has Never Been Easier

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Must Have Been a Pretty Big Dragon

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Planking Pillow

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Must Be Twins

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Full Metal Jacket Is Neither Romantic Nor Comedy

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Patrick Stewart: The Most Desirable Elder Life Partner

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Desperate Nerds Are Desperate

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A Milestone Has Been Reached

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Jobs for Shinobis Are Scarce Right Now

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Internet Nerds Saying "I'm Creepy, Date Me Instead" in 3... 2... 1...

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I'll Be the Mary Hog to Your Spider-Pig

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I Get Dung Beetles in My Stomach, Too

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