Dating Fails

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Used Hard or Hardly Used?

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By thepeterlong

Too Bad Hallmark Doesn't Make a "Sorry You Caught Us Having Sex" Card

apology caught PDA sex We Are Dating - 5490900224
By jackjohn

Maybe Siri's An Atheist

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By Unknown

I Want to Thpend All My Time With You!

Not so funny Craigslist ad of someone making fun of Drew Barrymore's lisp.
By Unknown
Awkward sexual tension touching We Are Dating whoops - 29971969

The Sexual Tension Is So Thick You Can Cut It With A Knife

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Insect Logic Is the Same as Human Logic

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If at First You Don't Succeed...

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"Look, Honey! Some Positions Our Son Has Recommended for Us!"

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Why You Need to Get Out of Cleveland

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By Unknown

They Both Said It

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By Unknown

Three Plus Three Equals P33N

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The Axe Body Spray Commercials Are True

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By Unknown

This Must Be What Madonna Was Talking About

lube Madonna virgin We Are Dating - 5303763968
By Unknown

He's a Butt Kinda Guy

butt face Fetish We Are Dating yahoo answers - 5121989888
By stfuquinn

Facebook Is Already Giving Away Too Much Information

facebook text texting We Are Dating - 5273607168

Desperate for Tampons

bathroom lady problems period tampon We Are Dating - 5412791808
By Rosemary
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