Dating Fails

We Are Dating

Looking at Your Crush Through the Facebook Lens

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Created by Alexwin


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Created by maxystone

Everyone Needs a Little Help Starting Out

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Created by jackjohn

Tickling Someone's Fancy

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Maybe Some Legos Too

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Into the Wormhole

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Can I Borrow Your Used Batteries for Two Minutes?

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Christians, You've Got Yourselves a Convert

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Who Says Good Grammar Isn't Sexy?

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Created by Unknown

One More Strike and You Would've Been a Goner

comic rage comic We Are Dating - 5088326912

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

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Created by RavenCMoncrief

Sex and Candy

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You Can't Upholster the Truth

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This Choice Was Made Completely of My Own Free Will

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The Fine Print

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Created by maxystone ( Via )

Poor Man´s Jacuzzi Sex

love We Are Dating - 5279353344
Created by butterflyperception
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