Dating Fails

We Are Dating

Cleared Up

4chan dumped ex ugly We Are Dating - 5299949056
Created by Unknown

If You Had Pulled Out You Wouldn't Be Shopping Here

birth control conception pull out We Are Dating - 5255478784
Created by Unknown
disappointing netflix We Are Dating - 30630913

They're Not Like In TV Shows At All!

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Not Sure if the Rain or My Creys

crey creys foreplay forever alone kissing men and women ugly We Are Dating women and men - 5423290112

Verily, Much Massaging of the Pelvis Shall Occur Upon This Night

British comic england old school rage comic We Are Dating - 5233723136

Think You Wear the Pants, Just Because You Tell Me When to Walk?

arguing comic drunk rage comic spat We Are Dating - 5072925440
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Enjoy Your Forever Alone Time

breaking up comic rage comic video games We Are Dating - 5199051264

I Don't Know What I Should Do With My Finger and Keyboard

craigslist Fetish sm We Are Dating - 5425272064
Created by smerikalynn ( Via )

Should Have Gone for the Emo Peter Parker Look

comic creepy flirting rage comic smiling We Are Dating - 5148428032
Created by Unknown

Pray You Never Meet Your Perfect Match

comic geek match nerd We Are Dating - 5206105344

Perfectly Legal, Too

50s demotivational kidnapping marriage vintage We Are Dating wedding - 5156924160
Created by xyzpdq1

Because They Can Get Away With It

crazy insane screenshot simpsons the simpsons We Are Dating - 5167676416

The Truest Display Of Love

Cats dating forever alone g rated heart kitty true love We Are Dating - 5532214528
Created by Unknown

Calling Dibs

cyanide-happiness dating g rated jealousy peeing We Are Dating - 5510175232
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It Felt Like 20Grand

candy forever alone kissing We Are Dating - 5296422144
Created by Unknown

Champion Sportswear

sex slogan We Are Dating - 5121636352
Created by Unknown
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