Dating Fails


The 30-Day Roller-coaster

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On Tinder There's Nothing But Abs

abs funny tinder - 8096682752

Dating an Engineer

code broken funny engineer dating g rated - 8075973632
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Better to Be a Shower Than a Grower

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You Can't Put the Toothpaste Back in the Tube, Dude

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Google Doesn't Know a Thing

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Cake Will Not Fix Those Granite Counters

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sexy times funny sign wtf dating - 8392079616
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They Make a Good Point

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A Superbowl Valentine

the left shark warms your heart
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This Fresh Piece of Meat Thinks You're All a Work of Art

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A Breakup Letter to Netflix

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Now That's a Shotgun Wedding

dating funny wedding Now That's a Shotgun Wedding
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Grandpa Goes on Tinder Dates

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Moss Is Really Good at Flirting

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That Could Have Gone Better

that escalated quickly
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