Dating Fails


It's Like Being in a Real Marriage!

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The Angry Girlfriend Flowchart Never Fails

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The Fandoms Were Aligned on That Day

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Qualified for Bio Waste Removal

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My Girl's Lactose Intolerant

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Will You Kiss More Than 15 People?

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Looks Like Somebody Has Some Catching Up to Do

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Well, That's a Fun Evening Planned

rolling out the lube
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Just a Fact of Life

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The Right Woman Can Make You a Millionaire

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Everything a Young Man Should Know About Women

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Valentine By Pentatonix

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Kids Have Horrible Dilemmas Nowadays

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Always Check the Dryer

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This Guy is Getting a Great Workout While Trying to be Taller Than His Girlfriend

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Dude on Twitter Live-Tweets Hilarious Breakdown on the Perils of An Orgy

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