Dating Fails


Never Go on a Roller Coaster on the First Date

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Not the Most Subtle Move

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That's an Odd Sexual Orientation

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This Just Got Weird...

your grandpa was a nazi...there I, said it.
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People are tweeting on how to #Ruinsexin3Words and it's hilarious

17 Best Responses to "Ruin Sex in 3 Words" Twitter Challenge

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conversations between those that matched on tinder

These Terrific Tinder Moments Show off Just How Crucial Breaking the Ice Can Be

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Well That's a Conundrum

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Well, That's One Way to Get a Free Drink

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Every Awkward, Creepy Instance of Woody Allen Talking About "Making Love" in His Movies

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Have a Drink, It Helps

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Dating Younger People Is Weird

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Hot Cross Buns

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This Halloween Joke Goes TOO FAR

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Kermit Knows What's Up

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Identification Issues Have a Temporal Component These days

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Sometimes You Just Want to Have Sex in the Back Seat...of a Cop Car

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