Dating Fails


That's Harsh on at Least Two Accounts

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Tinder Practically Swipes Humanity 'Right' off the Face of the Earth in the First Trailer for Tinder: The Superhero Movie

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You Could Date a part of History

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Nobody Has Room to Judge!

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Today, You Become a Man

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Relationship Goals

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That Should Last You a While

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Is that Supposed to be a Box or Something?

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Getting Ready for Your Big Day. At the Marathon.

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Know the Basic Rules

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Catfished With Benefits

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A Straightforward Way to Tell if Someone Likes You

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Engineers Do it Precisely (in a Controlled Environment, Repeatedly)

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Sometimes You Just Can't Decide

Sexy Ladies wtf bewbs funny - 8122235392
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You Know Her By Her Drink of Choice

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Don't Tell Me What to Do, Dad!

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