Dating Fails


Happens Everytime

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Looks Like They're Ready for Valentine's Day

wal mart has chocolates and condoms for valentines day
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The Sea and I Had Some Good Times Together

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Surprisingly True

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A Heartfelt Apology

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Don't Tell Me What to Do, Dad!

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The Reason to Turn Your Phone Off at the Bar

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Not Sure She's Safe

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Dammed if You Do...

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Smoke Away the Memories

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In This Case, Maybe DO Judge a Book by its Cover

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Libraries Are Strict

you can't do anything in a library nowadays
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If You Want to Charm the Ladies...Be Tom Hiddleston

lady wants to sex tom hiddleston
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Always Spell Voluptuous Right

proper spelling is key when you're harassing people online.
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Keep Dreaming, Pal...

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Go Get 'Em, Lady!

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