Dating Fails


Every Damn Time

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Well, He May Not Be Marriage Material

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Awkward Moment of the Day: Dating Your Grandpa's Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger Grandpa funny dating g rated - 7877649920

Sounds Like a Great Guy!

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Creepiest Opening Line Ever

creepy pickup lines about being a girltoy
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Proposal of the Day: Woman So Excited About Proposal, She Falls Off Stage

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The Ladies Love Him

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Yep, That's Exactly What it Is

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Out In The Open

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This May as Well be a Portrait for What a Relationship Shouldn't Look Like

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You Know You've Entered the Sexy Part of Town

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And That's How You Smooth Talk the Ladies

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That's How You Catch a Partner

Pokémon girlfriend funny g rated dating - 6450353408
Clever guy wickedly trolls girl on Tinder with a string of very funny puns about limes.

Clever Dude Wickedly Trolls Girl on Tinder With String of Lime Puns

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Funny pictures and tweets that reflect the ridiculous tendencies between partners when they're married.

37 Funny Pics and Tweets That Perfectly Reflect What It's Like Being Married

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A Real Love Song

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