Dating Fails


These 1930s Acronyms Prove That Kids Today Didn't Invent Sexting

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Woman Arrested for Marrying 10 Men Without Divorcing Any of Them

she wants the ring
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Grandma Just Doesn't Understand Lesbians

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Well That's an Odd Group of Searches

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Modern Relationships Are so Complicated

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The Saddest Tinder Screen

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Never Hire Your Ex

when your ex is your wedding photographer
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You Know Me too Well

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This is Especially True of Lady Spiders

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This Guy Tells You How to Date His Daughter

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Siri Has All the Pr0n She Needs

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Behold the Breakup Cake!

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What the Ladies Want

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Every Awkward Guy's Attempt to Talk to Girls

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What Does My Girl Say?

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This is a Brave New World

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