Dating Fails


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How to Please Your Lady...Down There...

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You Can Relate to This Awkward Tale of Online Dating

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Providing Some "Support" for Research

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A Very Special Moment Gets OAG-Bombed

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This Store Ends Marriages

your husband going to be pissed
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This is Where True Love Begins

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Just Let Me Convince You!

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Frank Is Pretty Great

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Must Be a Hell's Angel, Because That Was a BURRRRRN

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A Superbowl Valentine

the left shark warms your heart
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Groot Is Terrible at Cybering

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It's Either One or the Other

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The Ladies Love it When Dudes Can Cook

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So Sweet That They Finally Found Each Other

dating wheres waldo funny So Sweet That They Finally Found Each Other
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Seems Legit

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, True Story Fish

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