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Looks Like They're Ready for Valentine's Day

wal mart has chocolates and condoms for valentines day
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men vs women funny lgbtq Video - 56417025

Who Has it Worse, Straight Women or Gay Men?

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Want to Write a Horizontal Mambo?

pickup lines Music puns funny - 8210273536
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Movie Nights Are Weird

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funny science kissing Video makeout dating - 56647169

It Turns Out Everything You've Known About Kissing is a LIE!

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boyfriend writes an essay about getting a blowjob

Girl Tells Her Boyfriend He Should Write An Essay On Why She Should Blow Him, and the Results Are Brilliant Comedic Gold

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Where it All Began

funny idiots jersey shore STD - 8264061440
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How's That Working Out for You?

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This Guy, Such a Romantic

boyfriend note sexy times funny - 7804539392
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So That's Why You Wait Three Days

jesus waited 3 days and that's why you wait to call a girl
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Boyfriend by Nair

quotes forever alone facebook funny - 7813238784
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We Didn't Have Any Idea Back in the Day...

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I'm Not Sure He's in Demand

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Perfect Anniversary Gifts by Year

dating anniversary image Perfect Anniversary Gifts by Year

Not Even Wheaton is Immune to Hover Hand

hover hand funny - 7626226688
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Stories of what people overheard their neighbors doing.

21 Wild Things People Heard Through Their Paper-Thin Walls

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