Dating Fails


That's Oddly Specific

asian senior dating of course
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How to Make an Online Dating Profile

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Bisexuality Doesn't Exist?

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Sherlock Holmes Was Sexy

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These Boys are Pure

wtf sexy times funny - 8413806336
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It's Hard Dating Someone so Self-Contained

sign puns Office funny g rated dating - 7847970816
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Seems Very Complicated

funny math love textbook - 8304420096
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I Hope Your Date Is Good at Chemistry

date Chemistry funny - 8036331264

The Shaving Must Take Forever

shaving when your boyfriend comes into town
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You Only Get the First 2

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Tomato ToMAHto

evil doctor who funny women - 8367926272
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Does This Bathroom Hurt or Help Your Self-Esteem?

dude parts urinal bathroom funny - 7668414720
Corgi dogs wearing pick up lines that would for sure work

28 Adorable Pick-Up Lines By Corgis Nigel And Winston

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If You Want to Charm the Ladies...Be Tom Hiddleston

lady wants to sex tom hiddleston
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Bad Relationships Are Best Handled Via Greeting Cards

bad idea funny relationships greeting cards wtf g rated dating - 8163627776
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She's Married to the Tabby

forever alone crazy cat lady twitter funny - 7649620480

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