Dating Fails
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The Chat Roulette Love Song

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The Best Way to Spend Your Wedding Night

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It's a Universal Language

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It Only Works One Way

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Looks Like You've Got a Bad Case of the Willies

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The Main Difference

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That Sounds Easy!

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funny tinder messages

14 Wily Casanovas That Are Destroying The Tinder Game

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25 Times Tinder Went Full Weird And Pun Crazy

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He's About to Get a Hot Load of Exercise All Over

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Failed Flirting Attempts That Are Straight-Up Creepy

13 Failed Flirting Attempts That Are Straight-Up Creepy

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Now It's True Love

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Remember When You Saw Naughty Bits For The First Time?

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I'd Very Much Like to Know How the Rest of This Played Out

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I Just Don't Know!

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Oasis What You Did There

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