Dating Fails

There Aren't Enough Palms in the World

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Woah! Start With 20 Cats First!

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That First Break Up is Always the Hardest

dating funny image That First Break Up is Always the Hardest
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I Guess You Could Call it a BLIND DATE

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Taking Pictures: Love Through the Lens of a Camera

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Love Can Be Found Anywhere

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Relationships Are About Compromise

he's got a wonderful wife
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You're Going to Want to Read These 25 Ridiculous Best and Worst Sexy Time Experiences

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Food Wins

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This Can't Be Any Worse Than an Unpaid Internship

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This Gambit Won't Always Work, but When it Does...

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Speed Dating In The Subway

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Get Creative, AND Nasty

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Oblivious Suburban Mom Has No Idea

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"Babe, Could You Look... Presidential for Me Tonight?"

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Chilean Adult Star Gets Really Worked Up Over the World Cup

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