Dating Fails
Collection of embarrassing things people have caught their partners doing.

10 Embarrassing Things People Have Caught Their Partners Red-Handed for Doing

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Not a Whole Hell of a Lot

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The Perfect Break Up Pillow

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Ringing in the New Year With a Desperate Call for Dates

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The Other Side of the Story: After Surgery, This Wife Wakes Up to Find She Has an Ugly Husband

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A collection of stories from people that attended weddings that got cancelled.

People's Most Disastrous Wedding Stories

Some weddings just aren't meant to be.
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Not For You

louis ck - 7346123008

Surely Some Biologist is Having a Laugh at This

probably fake what science funny dating - 7677884416

Love Me a Swimmer

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Problem, Pool Girl?

dating fails pranks problem that time of the month - 6431118848

Stuck in Dating Purgatory

lies love kiss dating purgatory
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Mathematical Dating Advice

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Twitter Is a Heartless Place

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Relationship Insurance

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