Dating Fails
A new dad ends up leaving the delivery room because his fiancée shouts her ex's name | AITA walking out delivery room while my fianc giving birth? Not hole This happened two weeks ago, my 28M fiance 26F and just had baby boy and 's been difficult already without her being upset with after happened met her at bar used hang out with my friends at dated 8 months, and decided propose she told she pregnant and wanted have baby both agreed on getting married after our baby is born, She introduced my

Dad Leaves Delivery Room Cause Fiancée Shouts Ex's Name

Definitely an awkward moment.
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Suspiciously Placed, Wouldn't You Say?

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One Smelly Missed Connection

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Men Have a More Direct Way to Compliment

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The Space Between My Mouth Is Where the Lens Fit Perfectly

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Crazy Chick Gets Ghosted By Guy On Bumble, Proceeds To Troll Him For a Year By Pretending He's Her Boyfriend

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Relationship Goals

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Looking Good Larnce

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It's Just About That Terrifying

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A Determined Little Droid

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Well, Time to Take Bass Lessons Again. Wait...

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I Guess He Heard

Blonde in the coat farted personals ad
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Full House Just Got Exponentially Creepier

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This is the Opposite of a Good Boyfriend

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Save That for the Next Date

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