Dating Fails


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Pretty Much That Cat

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funny tinder convos

20 Tinder Conversation Openers If You Want to Stay Forever Alone

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Reality vs Reality vs Expectations

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facepalm girl on tinder is looking for very specific boy to tell off rather than to meet someone

Girl Has Extreme Meltdown When Guy Matches with Her on Tinder without Noting Her Psycho Dating Criteria

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If Websites Could Date

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That's a Lot of Hair

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Maybe This Relationship Isn't Going to Last

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Forever Bob Ross

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We Don't Even Have a Unicorn Stable

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Nobody Has Room to Judge!

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You Had the Softball of All Pickup Lines!

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The Worst Possible Sign to Have Put on Your Door

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So That's How You Know if You're Gay

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Never Again

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You Literally Can't Ask for Something Better From a Partner

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