Dating Fails

The Day After Valentine's Is Approaching!

single people love the day after valentine's day
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Is it Chilly in There?

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List of peoples' craziest inappropriate achievements.

49 People Share Their Craziest and Proudest NSFW Achievements

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A Tip to Make You Look Tough on Dating Sites

guy uses mugshot for his grinder profile
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He's Just Trying to Help a Lady Out

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The Transformation from Wife to Ex-Wife Is Officially Complete

The Transformation from Wife to Ex-Wife Is Officially Complete
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Hells Yes!

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When Two Become One

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Good Sex Advice For a Bottle Cap

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Dad, The Immortal Gatekeeper to Dating

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I Sure Would Like to Put Some Meat Between Those Buns

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Cringe Emo Breakup

Couple Takes Cringe-Inducing Emo Breakup Photos, Internet Gives Them Proper Roasting

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Hard to Cheat When You've Never Had Sex

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Music Has a Long History of Getting People Laid

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10 times people tried their hardest to get other people to send them nude pictures.

10 Times People Outdid Themselves With "Send Nudes" Requests

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Well, That's Quite a Punishment

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