Dating Fails

Maybe It's a Sign

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You're the Best, Tinder

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I'd Double Tap That

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You Had Me at "Tom"

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How-To of the Day: How a Woman Can Render a Creeper Unconscious Without Spilling Her Drink

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You Better Hope They're Not Watching

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Not The Same Thing

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Well, That's an Awesome Response

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The Constant Question

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Wait, Does He Still Buy Everyone Shots?

guy buys everyone shots because they're in a relationship
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7 of the Best Video Games to Play With Your Significant Other

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Luigi's Trapped in the Friend Zone

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The First Smooch is the Hardest

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Welcome to Dating Purgatory, The "It's Complicated" Facebook Status IRL

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6 Types Of Guys You’ve Danced With

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Roses Are Red and Our Relationship's Dead

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