Dating Fails

Getting Ready for Your Big Day. At the Marathon.

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I Love You Too, Me!

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Damn, Man...Not Cool

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"Yeah, My Date Was a Bit Frigid"

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Zach Braff Truly Understands the Deepest Mystery of Our Times

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One Nerdy Valentine

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A True Struggle

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Good Job, You're Now A Brotherly Lamp

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Better Hope She Doesn't See Your Stash of Foot Stuff

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Bride's family pressures her to give up her wedding venue to her pregnant sister because they claim "she needs it more."

Bride's Family Pressures Her To Give Up Her Wedding Venue Cause Her Pregnant Sister "Needs It More"

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Anything Can Happen, Just Keep Trying

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Show Me the ManFax!

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The Many Uses of Apps

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It Would Be Every Profile

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It's Okay J-Law, You've Still Got Your Oscar

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