Dating Fails

Is That So Much to Ask?

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Brotherhood Of Forever Aloners

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Wild moments from the Tinder dating app that show off how ridiculous people can be.

14 Wild Tinder Moments That Spotlight Craziness of Modern Day Dating World

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Obviously The Biggest Best Man Duty is Pranking the Newlyweds' House Before They Come Back From Their Honeymoon

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Husband Leaves Heartwarming Facebook Note to His Wife Who Always Eats Alone

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Crazy stories from one night stands, one night stands, gross one night stands, secrets, sex, casual sex.

25 People Dish The Dirty Details Of Their Craziest One Night Stands

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Always Use a Washer

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Never Come Between a Girl and Her Soda

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This Dude's Got Priorities

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Sexy Sundays

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Self Love Is the Best Love

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Well Well Well...

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Sometimes That's All it Takes

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I'll Have the Garlic Naan...

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Time to Get Over It

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