Dating Fails

California Is #2!

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This Is How You Know Your Boyfriend Is a Jerk

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Always Keep Her Impressed

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You're a Sacred Vessel for His Seed. Also, Get Protection.

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Girl Leaves Passive Aggressive Note for Her Neighbors to Stop Having Crazy Loud Sex, and They Have the Best Response

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Well That Was Forward

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Love Is in the Genes?

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Is That a Pillow in Your Bedspread, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

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Mom Goes Ape Sh*t on Her Son for Stupid, Mildly Sexist Facebook Post

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The Sex Toy Market is Booming!

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The Older You Get the Harder It Is

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Enter the Bro Zone

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All You Need to Woo the Ladies

well, that is a huge diamond
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Well I Think I'm Hilarious

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Love Literally

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