Jabba Wonna Drinka!

star wars iPhones yoda texting - 6788492800
By Unknown

Just Like the Real Thing

AutocoWrecks fireworks Hall of Fame mobile phones texting - 5642620416
By jackjohn
texting typing - 37843713

I Want to Go To There

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Autocowrecks: Whales Within Whales

AutocoWrecks g rated Inception texting whale - 5701254656
By Unknown

Onerous Indeed

testicles texting funny - 7513964032
By uglydollthud32 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Gonna Need to Think On This One

comics lol texting - 7322961408
Via Speedbump


facebook genius studying texting - 6443640064
By Unknown

Being without Toy Ovaries IS Exhausting

texting funny - 7572730880
By Unknown

Message Received

texting funny - 7652006912
By Unknown

Sleeping and Texting is Apparently a Problem Now

texting sleeping g rated AutocoWrecks - 7061591552
Via Uproxx
texting - 38147841

If You're On the News, It's Best You Put Away Your Damn Phone

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McDonald's Lunch Buffet

AutocoWrecks children Hall of Fame joke jokes McDonald's parenting texting - 5530836736
By Unknown

I Find Your Lack of Nudity Disturbing

AutocoWrecks dirty drugs Hall of Fame high mobile phones sexting star wars texting - 5702001408
By Unknown

F U, K?

acronym AutocoWrecks clever Hall of Fame k mobile phones rude texting - 5531068928
By Unknown

Got Hitched LOL Txt It

comic facebook marriage texting - 5701716480

We Play Hide and Seek Except I Suck at Seeking

AutocoWrecks boyfriend dating forever alone g rated hide and seek mobile phones relationships single texting - 5594889728
By Unknown
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