Coming Just Once a Year?

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Created by LastHussar

Too Smrt for Hiz Phon

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Created by Biebermyballs

Didn't Realize it Was That Kind of Movie

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Created by trishmael

FML - Facebook Matters Less, Now That You're On It

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Created by Unknown

Are YOU on the 4Jesus Network?

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Guess Who Didn't Like the New Facebook App?

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Me Gustav

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Oh Friend of Mine, You Are Too Trusting and Credulous for This World

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Created by Mark

Just "Kidding"

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Created by LOLFan01

If You're Having Number Problems I Feel Bad for You, Son

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Should Have Deleted Your History

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Created by Jack

You Don't Want to Make Him Angry

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Created by Jennifer

Wait Until Someone Rolls a Five or an Eight

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Created by Unknown

Darren Never Was the Best at Stuffing the Turkey

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Created by Poston03

It's Not Nice to Play With your Food

Very funny FAIL on the level of train wreck of person making accusations with the spelling of the words cousins and cuisines confused.
Created by Unknown

Just Peachy

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Created by jtill