They Could Just Be Really Pleased With Their "Equipment"

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Created by cmalta

I Need to Re-Train Auto Correct

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Created by Unknown

A Meaningful Relationship

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Created by Christena

A Wrong Number Becomes My Interior Decorator

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Created by Unknown

A Result of Too Much Excitement

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Created by still_laughing

Just Another Naked Man Riding a Bicycle

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Created by Unknown

Sure, "Autocorrect"

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Created by John
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The Lesson Here is to Never Engage in Real-Life Conversation

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The World Reacts to the Sale of Instagram

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Created by Unknown

You're Certainly Not Afraid to Get Something Dirty...

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Created by branden.ward

It's Not That Complicated...

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Created by markadamhfx

Very Popular Indeed

chat autocorrect facebook tumblr - 7974065920
Via beyoncayyyylmao

Troll Dad

dad facebook masturbation parenting relationship status - 5672621568
Created by Unknown

Whining to Your Parents About Being a Parent

baby crying facebook parenting siri - 5829428736
Via Failbook

That's It, I Officially Give Up Driving

crash driving facebook - 5902161152
Created by Unknown

Lopsided Rainbow

angry birds battery battery life facebook - 5617511168
Created by Unknown
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