This One Better Last Forever

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By Unknown

Remember Back Before We Had Electricity, When We Used Phones as Paperweights?

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By mango_splash

That's a Different Book Entirely

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By Unknown

Angry Tweets

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By Unknown

Didn't Realize it Was That Kind of Movie

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By trishmael

I Need to Re-Train Auto Correct

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By Unknown

It's Not That Complicated...

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By markadamhfx

A Meaningful Relationship

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By Christena

Siri Helps With Everything

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By isabeaubrache

Autocowrecks: See? It Says So RIGHT HERE IN THE GRAPH

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Via Graph Jam

Wait Until Someone Rolls a Five or an Eight

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By Unknown

Your Name, I'm Trying to Address You!

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Do You Want to Explain the Joke to Her, or Should I?

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By Unknown

Autocorrect Knows the Truth

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By Minimoo

Angry Sisters

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By RobotSpider

Still Shaken

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By Starrzard