...She Still Might Give You the Extra Day

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iOS7 Upgraded Everything But Our Relationship

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Created by TheUnholy1994

Fun You Too

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Damn You Keyboards!

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Created by Megalini

Marine Biology Puns Are the Best!

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That's Difficult to Believe

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White Problems

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Basically You're Never Getting Back Into Your Phone

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Self-Poortraits: Cat Does Not Approve of This Photoshoot

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Annnd I've Stumbled Onto an Actual Murderer

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Created by Unknown

Time to Apply the "Y" Standards!

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Created by Unknown

Shake, Shake, Shake...

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Created by feyaro2005 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

And So Begins the Mark Hoppus Emoji Era

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Created by Unknown

Autocorrect or Thesaurus?

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Do They Sell Those at the Campus Bookstore?

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